Aeon Minimote to call Sonos Action

Thanks for the info; however, I need the MiniMotes to sit on the bed stands and be able to trigger modes as either “Night” or “Home”, and, when a sensor in tripped, to toggle my siren and to toggle my blaring Sonos. With the Button Controller SmartApp, I can do everything except toggle the Sonos off.

I am pretty sure you can run have multiple apps to listen on the remote events. just use my app to do only the sonos part of it. The other apps can do the rest.

Yes, it works for me.

Again, thanks for sharing.

I’m having the same issue. It would seem like a good idea for the button controller smart app to be able to invoke other smart apps - but AFAICT, the button controller actions are a bunch of hardcoded things.

I have installed a batch of Sonos smart apps to do the various things I want, and I would like to be able to invoke those without a lot of hassle from my minimote. I was actually kind of surprised to see that the button controller app can’t do this.

I will try out @louisparks contribution, it sounds like that will probably work. It would be a lot nicer to have this functionality in the released product - user contributed apps often go stale and break after upgrades (not saying this will happen here, but in general that is a problem with community support of any product.)

I have been a longtime user of the Squeezebox, and when my kitchen squeezebox recently bit the dust, it was time to switch to Sonos - given that Logitech has dropped the product it didn’t seem like a good idea to invest in a new one. Sonos is superior in a lot of ways, but they have made the decision to avoid front panel control. Doing things from a phone app is okay, but a dedicated remote is almost always easier, and preferred if possible.

As is often the case, I can do this with my Logitech Harmony controller or SmartThings. I’ve already set up the Harmony and it’s integration is pretty sweet, In the long run I think SmartThings integration will be offer more, but this minimote hurdle is the first thing I have to get past.

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I’ve avoided doing any hacking with my SmartThings as long as possible, but I really would like to be able to get better control of my Sonos from my Minimote, so I gave the @louisparks app a try. Never having used the IDE, browsed the docs, programmed in groovy, or installed my own apps, it went better than expected - IOW I was able to get something done pretty quickly. A few comments:

This app doesn’t let me select a favorite from a button. My very quick and dirty hack was to add actions called Favorite 1, Favorite 2, etc, and allow those to be assigned to buttons. This went well.

@louisparks is slightly abusing Sonos terminology - a Sonos Favorite is a very specific thing - an item on the Sonos Favorites menu. If I follow the logic, @louisparks is creating a dynamic favorites list based on things played in the last 30 days. This has some nice side effects, it lets you easily find favorite tracks that you haven’t assigned to the Favorites menu, but it may result in some user surprise/confusion.

Okay, maybe I just am new to the docs, but I’m a little befuddled here. I would have thought that since the Sonos is now a supported device I could find it in the apis. No. Sonos is a musicplayer, and I could find that, but that doesn’t tell me everything. Also, if I enter ‘musicplayer’ in the search box - zip. What’s up with that, search should be at least somewhat functional, shouldn’t it?

For my personal tastes, I will not be pursuing this app - a much better solution will be to modify the minimote button controller to be able to invoke smart apps.

Short term, I’ll be using the Logitech Harmony remote for this.

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Hi @snorkelman, you can also use the Squeezebox in SmartThings, Just check this

@louisparks dude, this is great. I wrote a horrible hack that adds the ability to pick a button to invoke a Sonos weather report. It was cute, but yours is great, and it helped me figure out how to convert the AEON button data to a json object. I knew it was a string but couldn’t figure out how to invoke the Slurper until I saw your code. Many thanks - this will help me on many fronts. By the way, I’m going to rewrite the weather hack properly now that I know these tips and will post it up on my gitHub when I have time later.

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I would think you could use the minimote to turn on a virtual momentary switch, and then have a smartapp be triggered by that switch coming on. Does that not work?

Here is the code for my weather hack…

Is anyone still using this app?

I found it after trying out my new mini mote and realizing that the button controller App (won’t let you do anything but turn the sonos on) and the ST sonos control app (won’t let you pick which button) don’t work well.

However I’m seeing this app isn’t working right either. Toggle play/pause isn’t working (will only play) and I’m also not seeing any favorites available.

Edit - ok toggle started working, not sure why. Favorites isn’t working.

I added mode restriction to this app and I’m finding that minimote is incredibly useful and versatile.

input "modes", "mode", title: "Only when mode is", multiple: true, required: false

This is really expanding my uses for minimote. Thanks so much for the app!

@greg I just found this app too and its wonderful. What I found with this and the baked in button contrloer app is that the play/pause toggle problem has to do with the sonos “state” not being reported quick enough. I use another instance of this app and for every button that I have a sonos command connected to I also have the update state command sent. This cuts down on the lag significantly.



Your app looks fantastic but does not work for me, when trying to select action for each button nothing shows except for:

“No Available Options”

Please advise…

Let your sonos play for awhile - it magically appears after doing so

Thank you will try that @greg !

Still nothing showing when trying to select:

"When button 1 is pushed"

“No devices to connect”

I just reinstalled all my Sonos to ST and cleared everything first…
What else should i do?

Thank you all!

Thanks for letting me know. I’m getting your error now too. They must have changed something in the mobile app or api. I try to take a look in the next couple days.

Thank you very much, waiting for your answer!

yes I was using this app and it worked great. seein the same issue. If you do fix let me know as it was very helpful

Just wanted to chime in that I’m still using this app and I’m not having any issues with it.