Aeon labs siren (gen5)

Finally got into home automation. Got my hub this week and setup a few window sensors. Now I’m looking at getting the aeon labs siren (gen5). I’m thinking about putting more then one in my house (garage, living room and one of the bedrooms) does that seem over kill? Would one be enough? House isn’t too big, i’m thinking more for security since I have 3 kids.

When it comes to home automation, nothing is overkill :grin:

The Aeon Siren had 3 volume levels and the highest setting is really loud so you probably don’t need more than one.

You could always get a Aeon Siren and also get the Aeon Doorbell so you can make your house talk to you and let you what set off the siren. The Doorbell DH has a silent mode for the button so you can use it for something else like changing modes or executing routines.

See the device handler pages below to learn more about what you can do with each device: