Aeon Labs panic button stopped working

I guess it’s the equivalent of having a virtual version of it. It actually would be nice for someone like me because I can “push a button” on a minimote by voice on a tablet when I can’t physically push the actual button.

But I still don’t understand making a composite device out of something that only has one button. But maybe it just makes the other logic consistent.

Regardless, whether it’s a composite device or not, it’s still has to work. :wink:

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We’re looking at this issue. Thanks for your patience.


@Tyler, after this change, will the keyfob still run locally?

I still have a ticket open on this problem. {snip} I think they now understand it isn’t a hardware issue, mode issue and not an app issue so maybe, just maybe they will start looking at the real issue causing it.

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Fix should be going out today. Thanks again for your patience.

If it’s using the old DTH. The new DTH will not run locally until updated on the hub. I don’t have a timeframe for that.

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As of this point in time the problem has resolved. The original DTH is working again. Not sure what they did but I hope it was a real fix instead of another band aid. Thanks to all that helped out, including the SmartThings staff.

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EDIT: I chatted with support a simple device reset on their end was all that was needed but they did say this was apparently a common issue they have been resolving recently.

My Aeon Minimote is doing the same exact thing starting about the same time. I didn’t know until now since I was out of town and my wife was working around the problem while I was gone. I suppose I need to open a case with support but whatever they did to fix the other Aeon devices probably needs to be done to this one as well.

SmartThings engineering staff have confirmed that the device type handlers for all the button devices were changed recently to the new composite device model, and this particular one had a glitch in it.

If you communicate with SmartThings support about an Aeon button Device and they appear to be unaware of the device type handler change, suggest they get in touch with @jackchi in engineering.

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Sorry to revive an old topic…

I’m seeing this situation again with the latest firmware. A device working for years, suddenly has in the logs child device not found…