Aeon Labs Doorbell - what's the benefit?

Debating whether to buy this new doorbell from Aeon Labs -

Other than the ability to customize tones and getting remote alerts when the doorbell is rung, I am not clear what the benefits are. Presumably, someone trying to rob me is not going to ring my doorbell … and this thing doesn’t have motion sensing or video monitoring capabilities. So what are the real benefits? Anyone care to help me understand?


Many people want a networked doorbell. It’s not usually about security, it’s about notification.

For example, if you have a networked doorbell, you can change the notification from a chime to a light if the baby is sleeping.

You can get the notification on your phone or smart watch if you’re working out in the backyard.

You can link the doorbell ringing to other devices, like having the porch light come on.

So like everything else, different people use it for different things.

Personally, I started using the Kuna lantern as a video doorbell, because it combines the camera, a motion triggered light, a two way intercom, and a panic siren. But it doesn’t integrate with smartthings yet.

More discussion in the doorbell FAQ:

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Thanks for the detailed response!

I was debating getting the Kuna lamps but read reviews on Amazon and didn’t like the fact that video is stored on the cloud with monthly fees … plus, as you mentioned, lack of integration with SmartThings. I think I will go for the Aeon Labs doorbell and a separate outdoors camera/motion sensor.

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actually that is presuming wrongly. A burglar will often probe for occupancy by ringing the bell. But they might instead knock.

So you kinda need bell sensing and knock sensing, to warmup the security routines before break-in.