Backdoor Doorbell

I have a wired doorbell at the front of my house and it works great.
I want to add a doorbell to the back of my house but my house is not wired for it.
I know I can get a wireless doorbell chime, but those are really unreliable in my experience.
I have a spare door contact sensor that allows for external inputs so I was thinking I could attach a doorbell to that pretty easily.
However, I wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts of how I can remotely ring my doorbell.


You can see what other people have done by checking the Doorbell List in the project report section of the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki:

That said, I think these days most people either get an Aeon doorbell or a video doorbell depending on your budget and needs.

The Aeotec doorbell is very popular. You can upload up to 99 custom sounds, and you can have the button press trigger multiple SmartThings events.

As far as video doorbells, both ring and Skybell have SmartThings integrations.


I second Mr Roberts’ suggestion of the Aeotec Doorbell.

With mine, I’ve chosen to stop using the included wireless(not z-wave) button and instead use conventional doorbell buttons connected to a door contact sensor that includes user accessible contacts, such as the Ecolink.

This way, you can have your back and front doors give you different ring tones to indicate which button was pressed.

You can also get notifications if you are not home and someone rings a bell, or have a light turn on if it is rung at night.

Since you can load the doorbell with custom sounds, you can have it alert you to all kinds of events from other “Things” around your home. You can have it announce “Motion has been detected in the Driveway”, or “The basement water sensor has detected water”, etc.

Hope this is helpful.