Aeon Labs Aeotec Multifunction Doorbell

If your device is paired securely, you shouldn’t have any problems with the current version.

I have 3 of these doorbells. I know the outside button only talked to one doorbell. I would like to have all of the doorbells trigger when the doorbell button is pressed. Does this do that? Can I do it a different way?

Multiple doorbells.

If you use the DTH mentioned a few posts above, you can use Smart Lighting.

Select the secondary doorbell as the light to turn on and select the primary doorbell as a switch for the trigger when it turns on.

You could also do it with a SmartApp like CoRE.

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I am using the newer version Aeotec Doorbell DTH.

The above method is the simplist to use.

If you want more controls and are using CoRE, you could use a Basic Piston like below, this works when the Aeotoec Button is pressed. IF(doorbell1, doorbell2, doorbell3)THEN(play track at volume doorbell1, doorbell2, doorbell3, turn on light, etc)

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I am looking into CoRE now!!! Thanks for pointing to this.

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For a head start on the 8,000 CoRE posts, read these quick helps:

You can do most things with a Simple Piston.


I’m new to Smarthings and recently purchased a Aeon Doorbell and was able to get the device successfully working on my hub v2. Your code works great, but the problem is I’m trying to use IFTTT to have my phone send me a notification whenever someone rings the doorbell.

Unfortunately IFTTT sees it as a switch an only recognizes it in the on or off state. When I ring the doorbell or press the ring icon on the phone it does not go into the on state. If I press the alarm icon on the phone it goes into the on state and I receive a notification.

I tried modifying your code somewhat to get it to go into the on state when the doorbell was pressed but I was unsuccessful (im a pretty lousy programmer). Is there anyway I could modify the code to get into the on state when the doorbell is pressed? And if so what lines of code would I need to modify or add and where?

This is my older device handler which at some point I’ll probably stop supporting.

The Aeotec Doorbell is my other device handler for this product and it uses switch on to indicate that the doorbell was pressed. If you switch to that device handler it should work as expected with IFTTT.

To switch to the other device handler, install it as a new device handler, open the device setting in the IDE, and change the type to the new device handler.

Once you’ve done that, open the device through the SmartApp going into the preferences/settings section and save.

You will see a bunch of values in the settings screen which are left over from the other device handler. If you delete the contents of those fields they won’t show up again the next time you open the settings.

The Aeotec Doorbell uses sliders to configure the volume and tracks, but SmartThings keeps breaking the sliders and general UI features. Depending on if you’re using iOS or Android and the version of it you’re on, you may notice that the sliders don’t represent the actual value of the setting or you change the slider and the value shown next to it doesn’t change, but re-opening the device will update that value.

I keep hoping ST will fix these problems because they weren’t there when I created this device handler, but the Android update they released last week made the problem worse.

Let me know if you run into any problems with the other device handler.

Just a thought… Why use sliders for selecting tracks? Seems like you’re asking for trouble there. I’m no UI expert, but sliders aren’t typically used for selecting a precise value seems like a bad idea.

That would be my only feedback on this DH. It’s great otherwise.

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It’s a decision I now regret and I like the UI of the other one a lot more, but I kept having people not know about the settings being there so I thought having them on the main screen would be less confusing.

The UI doesn’t support inputs so the slider is there so you can jump near the number you want and then use the left and right arrows for the precise selection.

I would change it now, but everyone would have to fix all of their settings. A lot of users have GitHub integration enabled and perform updates without checking the forum to see what changed so they wouldn’t know about it until after everything stopped working.

I would be up for a change, the sliders are really useless. Don’t mind having to put a couple settings back. Most of everything is controlled through apps anyway, play track at volume. :wink:

That makes 3 of us that want to get rid of the sliders. I’m not sure how other users generated those surveys, but if 2 more people post that they to be able to input the settings instead of using the UI sliders and no one objects to the change, I’ll make the change in the next version.

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I’m in. do it… :slight_smile:

I’d prefer to be able to input the setting rather than sliding.

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Thank you, your new code worked perfectly and my IFTTT recipe now works as
I intended it too.

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I’m in too for slider removal.

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That makes 5 :smiley:

I’ll try to make the change later this week.


Count me in, and I don’t even have a Aeon Labs Doorbell — yet :smile:

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I’ve been maintain two device handlers for the Aeon Labs Aeotec Doorbell which has caused some confusion and is no longer necessary because the Aeotec Doorbell device handler supports almost all the capabilities as the old one without the performance problems.

You should be able to switch to the new device handler without having to make any changes in the SmartApps that are using it, but you should test them after switching just to be sure.

The Aeotec Doorbell device hander doesn’t have the performance problems that the other one had and it still uses the button one pushed event when the doorbell button is pushed, but it also uses switch.on which I’ve heard is required for IFTTT integration.

Instructions for switching to the new device handler:

  1. Create a new device handler with the Aeotec Doorbell code and publish it. (Don’t overwrite the old Aeon Labs Multifunction Doorbell device handler with the code for the new device handler)

  2. Open the device in the IDE and click Edit.

  3. Change the “Type” to Aeotec Doorbell which should be located near the bottom of the list, and then save.

  4. Open the device through the mobile app and go to its settings screen.

  5. Fill in all the fields and tap Done. If you see any values without labels in the settings screen, those are left over from the old device handler and if you empty those fields they won’t appear again.

Please let me know if you run into any problems or come across something that worked in the old device handler and doesn’t in the new.

I’m not going to remove this device handler from GitHub, but you should still switch to the new one.