Aeon HEM - My Experience

I was fortunate enough to snag one of these HEM’s (V1) on a Black Friday deal for $9.99 plus shipping! I got it connected to the mains last weekend, and have been exporting the data to Google Sheets. I must say I’m impressed with the accuracy of this thing. Looking at the total daily kWh data, and comparing it to my utility company’s website, the daily difference between the two is less than .5 kWh! Just thought I’d share this.


Next you’re going to want to start hunting down the energy vampires! Or figure which devices suck down the most energy. I discovered that my TV and entertainment system sucked down 60 watts in just standby mode. Now I put them all on a switch and completely power them down.

Lol it’s like you knew what I was doing! Working on that now. I’ve already got many things on plugs to cut some of that back, but still I have about 110 watts unaccounted for. And I’ve even measured the smart plugs :slight_smile: