ADT unknown model and smartthings integration

hey i know a lot of people have asked this question but i am having hard time figuring out what is the version of the motherboard i have

anyways i live in a house and looks like this ADT system has been there since the house was built in the early 90s. Doors and windows have sensors installed and there is one motion sensor. i will attach a picture of the board. i would like to connect this to my smartthings so i can use these sensors and motion detector.

So the sticker says it’s a Safwatch plus 910 which a little Google searching told me was a rebranded Moose 900. I honestly have never heard of that brand if alarm system before and it didn’t appear to be compatible with the link I’m using (ad2usb). Maybe the Envisilink device? Or maybe you could swap it out for a compatible alarm. I would think the wired zones would work with the newer systems. Good luck!

I just went through a similar effort on my Ademco FA110C system from 1997.

If you can swing $200-250, best course of action would be to get a Vista 20P panel to replace your old one, along with an Envisalink module and at least one keypad.

I didn’t want to go through the effort of replacing my entire system. Looking through manuals for my system I found that it had a key switch arm/disarm option, which is basically a momentary switch that connects two 12v terminals at the panel together for around a second to toggle alarm/disarm state. I was able to simulate this keyswitch with a zwave relay. Was also able to use a contact sensor wired into one of my keypads to retrieve alarm state. Check the manual for your system and see if there’s anything like the keyswitch that you can use to arm and disarm your system.

I have some pics here, but would be happy to share more info if you want.