ADT/Smartthings, do they use Z-Wave or ZegBee?

Do ADT/Smartthings devices, i.e. contacts, motion, smoke, CO and leak sensors use Z-Wave or ZegBee? What are the best Z-Wave or ZegBee repeaters out there?



It depends on the individual device. The dual logo sensors use a proprietary frequency which is neither zigbee nor zwave and which work only with that specific model hub. Some of the other devices are Z wave. And the smartthings Single logo devices are Zigbee.

The dual logo devices on the proprietary frequency are not mesh network devices so no repeaters are needed for those. They have a longer range than either zigbee or Z wave and are supposed to work up to about 350 feet from the hub, although it depends on local architecture and conditions.

As far as repeaters for Z wave or zigbee, it depends on what specifically you were looking for, there is no one best.

The least expensive zigbee repeater which also happens to be one of the only ones which will work for the inexpensive xioami devices is the IKEA Tradfri plug in Switch.

Otherwise, all repeaters, either zigbee or Z wave, work about the same so it just comes down to what are the other features of the specific device that you want. But there are many threads in the forum about repeaters, so you can just search for those. Again, though, you do not need any repeaters for the dual logo proprietary frequency ADT devices as that is not a mesh protocol.

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Below are the ADT/Smartthings device we have throughout the house. The ADT hub is in the master bedroom. We have seven Smartthing hubs around the house, they are in attics, in bedrooms, in the kitchen and one up at our pavilion. I’m using Aeotec Range Extender 6 throughout the house as well to push the signal. I also have several dimable and non dimable GE light switvches throughout the house. I have several ADT/Smartthings device that loose communication?

I also have two GE dimable light switches up at our pavilion, which is about 60’ up the hill. The lights switches are mounted in one of the pavilions cement post. The pavilion has its own ST hub up there.The Hub at the pavilion has a green light and shows connected. The two light switches work, if you are up there and press the buttons, I can not switch them on or off via the ST app?