ADT partnership: ST-ADT touchscreen hub and devices (discussion thread)

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you can still use, but they will not be monitored by ADT. Only the ADT-ST sensors can be included for ADT monitoring. Also, you cannot use the non-ADT side of ST to interact with the ADT-ST sensors and vice versa for triggering, etc. Think of the ADT-ST as two mutually exclusive networks, where sensors in those separate exclusive networks cannot communicate with each other.

I use an old iphone 5 with ST app on as a keypad. Installed a USB power port to keep it powered. I agree, not having remote keypad is rather limiting, but then again, if you have a smartphone and the concept of home automation means you shouldn’t need extra things like keypads…in concept.

The only reason to get the ADT-ST panel is if you want to have ADT monitoring and have ST automation but don’t want to have separate hubs. The ADT-ST just combines what is essentially two separate systems/hubs into one so you don’t have to have multiple hubs.

I don’t think that’s what terry was asking.

I believe the question was whether users of the new ST-ADT hub can use smart home monitor on the SmartThings side of their hubs.

Some people have reported they can, others have said they can’t.


I didn’t get SHM working on my hub, so I had to return it at the end. If I can’ get notification from my existing z wave water sensor and smoke alarm, there is no point for me to use the security hub. I contacted smartthings support, and they said SHM was not a listed feature for the security hub.

However, with this new app coming online, I’m not sure what their plans are. We will have to wait and see.

There are several other ways to get notifications from devices that don’t require SHM…

Actually, you CAN use the dual logo ADT/SmartThings sensors to trigger Home automation rules like SmartLighting. They will show up in the list of sensors along with your other sensors. So they are not mutually exclusive. It’s just that only dual logo sensors can be used to send alerts to the ADT monitoring center or trigger the ADT panel functions.


I am currently doing this with a couple of ADT contact sensors and an ADT motion sensor. It works just like a “normal” sensor.


yes, you are correct…my mind was on alarm triggering for monitoring.


I think part of the point though is that you really aren’t loosing over what you previously had. You can still trigger notifications and such from ST side of the house all day long if you don’t have the ADT compatible sensor. Also any ADT sensor can be used to trigger ST actions. They would work just like they did before for notifications. You may need to find a different Smart app instead of SHM, but i bet there is an wasy way to send notifications for it. There is a Smart app called “Notify Me When” that can send notifications based on Motion, Door, Switch, Presesnse, Smoke and water sensors. That is likely just as good as any kind of notification that was sent out by SHM before the ADT system.

I played with SHM monitor on my Smart things link. The fact that it was so dependent on hacks and such for what was effectively a Self monitored system was ok but never felt complete. There were also very basic functionality that was missing like a simple method to have a delay after arming to exit, or a delay to disarm when you come home. I know there was an option for a monitored solution, but i would never have given it a try because the gaps that already existed where to much.

You also don’t have to have ADT Monitor the system. If you don’t have it monitored you still get an alarm with all of the features an alarm should have like entry and exit delays, notifications, Multiuser keycode setup for different users.

The smart home monitor things is most llikely a issue with people having it as a remnant of a previous setup. When i first switched over from my Smart things link it was there and i was able to use it. I quickly realized that my list of smart apps to install was much shorter. When i reached out to support i was told that it was because of concern about smart app compatibility. This tells me that there is a much smaller amount of approved apps on the ADT system. I have actually had to hunt down a few apps in the forums to fill in some gaps after that change. It is a good thing the IDE is so easy to use and get acess to.

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Hi there!

Just caught up reading the thread, really helpful posts. :slight_smile:

What I’m wondering is: the casing of the unit when Mon ADT branded can be hardwired with the same 12 volt wires (for AC only) as another security system (my house was completely prewired, but I don’t currently use a security system). Has anyone modified by using the direct hard line for power rather than drilling a hole in the wall and running to a plug elsewhere?

Does anyone know how to increase the time that the alarm goes off if you open a door? Mine is like 10 seconds. Is it under the Installer Code area?

Is that door designated as “Perimeter” or “Entry/Exit?” You can check/change that in the ST app via Dashboard → Home Security ⟩ → Security Settings (:gear: at the top).

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ahndee Andreas A. Community Master
March 14

Is that door designated as “Perimeter” or “Entry/Exit?” You can
check/change that in the ST app via Dashboard → Home Security ⟩ → Security
Settings ([image: :gear:] at the top).

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teksys Paul
March 14
Does anyone know how to increase the time that the alarm goes off if you
open a door? Mine is like 10 seconds. Is it under the Installer Code area?

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Are you saying that it is 10s for you rather than the 30s it should be?

Review / Overview.

Seems reasonably accurate?

My home was also pre-wired for a security system. Luckily, it was a 2Gig CG2 with a remote panel. I put it where the remote panel was because it is by the front door and the old GC2 Panel is in the foyer closet for me. The important part is there are wires in my wall from the closet with a power outlet in it to the location where I installed my ADT hub. There are screw terminals in the back of the ADT hub that I removed the pre-installed dongle for power and screwed in my pre-run wires (from the wall) for power. Then I plugged in the power adapter in the closet, connected the dongle that I removed from the hub and attached it to the pre-run wires (ensuring proper polarity) that go to the ADT hub. I wouldn’t recommend using another power supply unless you are sure the polarity and voltage match and the the current rating is at least as high as the power adapter that came with the ADT hub.

It looks accurate for someone who has only the ADT starter kit Devices plus one light switch, as the reviewer does. He was primarily reviewing it as a self-installed professionally-monitored inexpensive security system, and I think it is a solid entry in that category. (And even so, he complains about the app being unintuitive.)

He was likely insulated from the instability issues because he uses so few of the Home automation capabilities.


Little green behind the ears. How was you able to add this to the website?

Yes sir look accurate for what I have plus some zwave devices.