ADT partnership: ST-ADT touchscreen hub and devices (discussion thread)

I wonder if the local inspector would agree with that?

I suspect it’s not a real wicker basket either, it’s probably some plastic thing. You can certainly get hideaway covers for all kinds of indoor electrical equipment, so I’m sure there something you could get. These aren’t RF devices so you don’t have to worry about that issue. For that matter, you could put it in a small cabinet with a fake plant on top And probably pass inspection easily as long as there was enough air space around it

That’s hell of a work. That’s one thing they still couldn’t figure out for users to simplify migration process. For all that work they cause for the existing customers who wants to update to new hub or the ST ADT panel, they need to provide some sort of rebate, discount or promotion. It would make it fair at least.

Good luck with the manual migration process, please share if any issues caused when carrying ST sensors or devices to the new panel, I’m curious to see if any errors or hardships.

Thanks for sharing.

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CEPro had a good round up article a few months ago on all the various patent violation allegations against zonoff

Note in particular this now prophetic passage from author @juliejacobson ( emphasis added)

While Zonoff shareholders lost their baby, all 75 Zonoff employees (including shareholders) were hired by Ring, which set up an office in the Philadelphia area to house them all.
Ring plans to use the talent to expedite integration with third-party solutions, and hasten the deployment of a broader Ring ecosystem.
Of course, the big question is: What can they develop that isn’t already patent-protected?

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I’ll test it later tonight but I noticed my unit seems to stay connected to WiFi when its on battery power. I would think it would work without issue. I’ll test later tonight and let you know for sure. Regardless, I personally am not concerned about power due to the fact we never lose power where I’m at. Also, the outlet comes with a lock that lets you lock it to the receptacle and I use a cable tunnel so it’d be very difficult to accidentally unplug the panel.

On a side note, I just noticed SHM still seems to exist on the panel – it’s just hidden from the GUI. Third party smartapps are able to read/change the status of SHM. As a result, it’s possible to use CoRE to tap into it and have SHM fully control and monitor the alarm. This is great because it pretty much opens the flood gates so to speak when it comes to compatibility with other smartapps. Here’s an example of what I mean: With ActionTiles I wanted a tile that shows the status of my alarm system. This currently isn’t supported (yet). However, I created a SHM tile which is linked to the alarm and now it can show me the status of the alarm and even change it to whatever I want.


I’m rather confused here, but this is still very new…

Smart Home Monitor is a SmartThings “Dashboard Solution Module” that is run by SmartThings. I don’t know if it can run locally, but either way, should have no substantiallt different behavior regardless if what SmartThings Hub is used (including the Hub inside ADT Panel). I don’t think SHM can be controlled directly from the ADT Panel, though perhaps it can be triggered by ADT Security Armed Mode…

ADT Security Module (ummm… I should learn the current name?) is a separate Solution Module, which I’m surprised to find out that it can be controlled by a customized SmartThings API call (ref: CoRE post above).

  • Can both Solutions co-exist?
  • What overlap and interaction is allowed?

I can’t really shed any light on your questions but what I can tell you is ADT Armed Mode is completely independent from SHM out of the box. While SHM hidden in the GUI, you can view its current state in webCoRE.

I’ve already discovered a bit of a bug related to SHM and the ADT Panel. In short, the hub inside the panel still seems to want to use SHM when it comes to checking whether its in an armed/disarmed state. For instance, if you log into IDE and go to ‘My Hubs’ -> ADT hub it will say “Alarm System Status: disarmed” even when the system is in an armed state. This is due to the fact that the hub is still using the SHM state and not the state of the ADT Panel device. The only way to check the actual alarm system status in IDE is to check the current state of the ‘SmartThings ADT Panel Device’ under ‘My Devices’.

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This is enlightening and becoming more clear…

SmartThings is treating the ADT Panel as a “Thing” with various Capabilities (and custom Commands / Attributes and Dashboard Solution SmartApp). Does it show up in the Things list of the SmartThings App under “My Home”?

Has anyone run the Community developed “Device Information” SmartApp against it?

This is a bit confusing to me as well. I have a separate ADT monitoring system already (NOT Pulse). I called ADT to ask them about this, and it appeared they didn’t know exactly how it works. I’m locked into this 3-year contract with ADT (non-pulse), and I’m wondering if it’s possible to switch over to this ST/ADT hub and still retain communications.

It is not. This system uses unique hardware.

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It’s hidden in the “My Home” ST app. In regards to “Device Information” smartapp, is this the smartapp you’re referring to:

If so, I installed it but I’m not really sure how to use it. Regardless, let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to check.

You are correct. I tested mine last night right after I got it. I’m thinking the battery wasn’t fully charged and that’s why my WiFi shut down. I tested it just now and WiFi stays on while on battery backup.

Just noticed this under automation —> Smart Apps


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Nevermind… I figured out the ‘Device Information’ app. The only capability that lets me select the panel is ‘Battery’. Here’s the data it provided:

Device ID: (intentionally left blank… not sure if its sensitive)

Battery, Tamper Alert, Power Source, Security System

Battery: null (no clue why its null… maybe it has to be unplugged to detect battery percent)
Tamper: clear
powerSource: mains
securitySystemStatus: disarmed
alarm: CLEARED

[armStay, armAway, disarm]

Note: That isn’t a typo under commands. It’s showing the incorrect commands… it should be armedStay and armedAway.

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I noticed that as well. You can configure push alerts or text messages which is pretty cool.

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Got it. Looks like I won’t be able to switch until my contract is up in 2 years. :-/

Here’s the device information for the ADT contact sensor, keyfob, and motion sensor.

Contact Sensor

Battery, Contact Sensor, Tamper Alert, Bypassable

Battery: null
Contact: closed
tamper: null
bypassStatus: ready



Battery, Panic Alarm

battery: null
panicAlarm: null


Motion Sensor:

Battery, Motion Sensor, Tamper Alert, Bypassable

Battery: null
Motion: inactive
tamper: null
bypassStatus: null


Note: The ADT Motion Sensor has a three minute delay between motion triggers. This is similar to the Bosch PIR motion sensor. Basically, it will instantly detect motion but will then go into sleep mode for three minutes before it detects another motion event in order to conserve battery power.

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That’s the big one here. “Security System” is an undocumented Capability which I hope @Jim is working on adding to the Capabilities Reference. :wink:

I am guessing that these Commands and Attributes are a part of this Capability:

  • Commands: [armStay, armAway, disarm]
  • Attributes: securitySystemStatus, alarm

That’s what happens when a Capability isn’t standardized and documented prior to usage. While “SHM” isn’t implemented as a “Security System Device”, it would be nice if they used the same terminology internally and externally regardless.

Thanks for sharing this one too. Notice the new Capability"Bypassable" (and its Attribute: “bypassStatus”) in the Motion Sensor and…

And… Yup, another undocumented new Capability (@Jim!) in the Keyfob: Capability "Panic Alarm"

Yes: I find this stuff very exciting. ActionTiles is built to be compatible with the Capability model (almost exclusively!). And thus, knowing these new Capabilities and their details is very important and useful for us to implement new Tiles to view and control devices claiming these Capabilities.


Good to hear it helped… and good to hear I’m not the only one excited by this lol. I’ve been waiting to finally have a seamless security system and automation system and it seems like its finally here. :smiley:

There was talk about this panel potentially being a threat to ActionTiles earlier in this thread but I think the opposite is going to occur: it’s only going to drive sales. I feel this way for two reasons:

  1. The panel can’t control ST things. Meanwhile, ActionTiles can control everything.
  2. You can’t have more than one ADT panel but you can have multiple ActionTiles panels.

Perhaps I’m evidence of this in action. After using a trial license, I’m already committed to buying two licenses (one for the standard ST hub and one for ADT hub). The plan is to buy cheap tablets and put them in each room of the house. I am then going to using the pin pad functionality included with ActionTiles to emulate the pin pad of the actual ADT panel. The end result will mean that the only time I actually use the ADT panel will be to bypass a specific sensor.

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