ADT partnership: ST-ADT touchscreen hub and devices (discussion thread)


Relatively new to SmartThings and Action Tiles. Do you know if there is a way to arm/disarm my ADT/Samsung panel with Action Tiles?


Nope, still don’t have SHM. I’ve been able to use webcore for most things and your still able to use the smart light app.

We think it can be done (at least via a Virtual Switch Tile that you could link to the correct Device Commands via a SmartApp like WebCoRE…). But it is entirely unofficial and SmartApp access to ADT could be blocked by SmartThings at any time.

If someone were to send @tgauchat one to borrow, he is more than happy to test everything out to see what can and can’t be done with ActionTiles and look at all the capabilities it consists of and which can be used. :sunglasses:

Great advice. I got the piston to work in WebCore now could anyone lend a hand in directing me how to create a virtual switch that will activate the piston? Thanks so much for the advice! Whole new world for me but I think I’m hooked!

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In this thread where it says to login to IDE, always use and not the graph.api… url. This goes for everything IDE because you will see various urls posted by people saying login here or here. ALWAYS use the url above to login to IDE at least until you know what shard you belong to (ie:graph.api…, na02-east1, na04-… etc.).


Thanks Again! Virtual switch does work but a little clumsy as the switch needs to be toggled. I installed the simulated button and it works within STs and WebCoRE but for some reason ActionTiles isn’t seeing it. ActionTiles shows up as SmartApp in STs but button does not show up as addable thing in ActionTiles. Any help is appreciated!

You may be using a deprecated version of “Virtual Button” that doesn’t conform to SmartThings’s own standards.

You should also make sure it is a Virtual Momentary Button, not a “Button Controller”.

Add capability "actuator" just in case.


But then please contact so as not to go off Topic here, thanks!

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Along with what Terry said, use Simulated Switch or one of the many Simulated Bulbs as the Device Type. Then update all your WebCoRE Pistons to correspond with that Device Type.

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Yep I used Simulated Button and WebCoRE sees it and it activates Piston from STs app just not able to see in ActionTiles

I think you may have missed what we are saying. The Device Type Handler that you used may not have the correct capability to be added to ActionTiles.

Before you do the following. You said that it doesn’t show up in ActionTiles. You did try to authorize the device from Locations in ActionTiles or from the Mobile app you can go to Automations / SmartApps / ActionTiles to see the device listed and select that device before it can be added as a Tile. You first post was confusing so I wanted to bring this up in case you did not do this.

So log into the IDE at and edit that Device and then change the Type to “Simulated Switch” and Update.

Then goto Automations / SmartApps / ActionTiles and see if that device is now listed that you can select which will authorize it to be used in ActionTiles.

@Nick_Popp may want a Momentary Button, not a Switch.

But a “Momentary Button” will not be picked up by ActionTiles unless it also properly claims Capability “Actuator”. This is a standard that SmartThings has fixed in later releases of the DTH, but was missing from old Simulated device DTHs.

If in doubt, please send me a link to the Simulated Button DTH to and let’s not derails this thread. Thanks!


:joy: Didn’t even pay attention to the thread we were posting this in. My bad.

Also still don’t have SMH. Was hopeful since some people mentioned getting access following a firmware (or app?) update, but I haven’t seen any movement on my end.

When the smartthings outage occurred was everyone’s ADT panel out as well?

My ADT panel was not impacted by any of the ST outages.

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Is this panel available in the uk ?

Right now it appears to only be available in the US.

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I saw a blip in the ST service early in the morning last weekend. The only impact to the security side (ADT side) is that you can’t use the ST app to arm/disarm. You can of course use the control panel like a traditional alarm. Alarm events are sent directly from the alarm side via cell data to ADT.


So I have been using the ADT Smart Things for about 6 weeks now. I currently use the Arm Stay as I am still adjusting the motion sensors so my cats do not set them off. SO when I get up in the morning the Alarm is already set for Alarm Stay. When I leave I do the quick Exit button and go out the door. This does not create a log as I am not really Disarming the system. Well Yesterday I had an Interesting thing happen. I came home from work and my system was Not Armed. I checked the log and there was no record of it being disarmed but I did have the following two Records:
Programming Mode Started Jan10, 1:07 PM
Programming Mode terminated Jan 10, 1:07 PM

I went into the app on my phone and it stilled showed that the system was armed. I pressed the Disarm button in the App but it just showed the working icon. I force closed the App after about 30 seconds and armed and disarmed the system at the panel. I then reopened the app and it matched what the panel said and allowed me to arm the system through the App.

This is the first problem I have had and it is a little disconcerting as I had no way of knowing the system was not armed while I was away from the house. I will keep an Eye on it and see if it happens again.
Does anybody know what “Programming Mode Started” means? The only thing I can think of is it might be an update of some kind.