ADT Panel Battery

Can anyone with an ADT hub confirm that when you unplug the power from the unit that the battery icon changes depending on how much the battery is charged? My unit no matter how long it has been charged, has an icon that looks like 25% or so. I called SmartThings customer service and the guy told me it should increase and decrease with how much battery is left. They sent me a replacement hub and after about 4 hours of charging the new unit, it still looks the same as my old unit. I know it hasn’t been a full day of charge, but I would have thought by now it would be different. Can someone confirm to me that the battery icon actually changes or is it a static image no matter what charge?

Following… I’ve had mine since July and the battery level has never changed and looks identical to yours.

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Thank you very much for your help. I’m going to call SmartThings support tomorrow and see if I can get someone else that will tell me the same. From everything I’ve gathered, the icon stays the same when unplugged and the customer service rep sent me another unit for no reason.