Adding iHome iSS50 Smart Monitor

Hello all. I am trying to integrate my iHome iSS50 Smart Monitor into the SmartThings ecosystem, but now realize that while iHome smartplugs are natively supported, the Smart Monitor is not. Is it possible to add a cloud based sensor, via IDE so that it functions just like the natively supported Samsung sensors?
I am trying to fully integrate it so that it will provide live temperature data for a virtual thermostat smart app. Simple push notifications or ifttt triggers that only fire when the temperature rises or falls below a specific value, wont do what I’m looking for here.
Also, I really like the iHome product, as it seems to pretty accurately report the temperature, and similar Samsung products have many reviews of poor temperature accuracy.
Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

The kind of integration you are imagining is unfortunately not possible. :disappointed_relieved:

I have that same device and like it, but I use it via HomeKit.

There is an IFTTT channel which provide some options for the ISS50 that can give you some integration with SmartThings depending on exactly what you are trying to do, but it sounds like that’s not enough in your case. I’m still going to list this year in case other people in the future find this thread because of the top title. But I understand it’s not what you were looking for.

Thanks so much for the prompt reply. To clarify, I understand that it is not natively supported, but why is it not possible to add such a device using the IDE? I would think that since the iHome cloud service is supported, that adding a device that’s already connected to that service should be possible, if not a bit challenging to implement. I feel like I’m missing something here.

It’s up to the manufacturer if they choose to Make available third-party integration through their cloud.

In this case, iHome has not made all of the options for that particular device available. This is annoying, but not unusual.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of not wanting to support the traffic, which is why they will choose only some data to expose. For example, Chamberlain shut down the unofficial integration with their cloud a couple of times because they were getting too much outside traffic.

Sometimes it’s a matter of security, which has generally been Nest’s concern.

Sometimes there are workarounds. But sometimes not.

Got it. Thanks. That is helpful.
It’s super frustrating that I have a better sensor package in hardware that is not supported than the hardware that is supported. What’s even more frustrating is that I actually called up Samsung to ask if this device was supported before purchasing the hub, and they promised me that it was.
I wonder if this Smart Monitor will ever actually be added in the future.

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