Add Phone As A Device - New App

I have migrated from the Classic App today and everything seems to be fine ish. I have created new automations and deleted them on the old one just to be on the safe side and have deleted mobile presence on the old app and re added in the new.

Two questions:

  1. Where in the new app can I see if my phone is present?

  2. On the home screen there is a room called “People”, are my mobile devices supposed to appear in here? I have tried to add them as devices, but there doesn’t seem to be an option in the new app like there was in the Classic.



You can’t. You must create a virtual switch that mirrors the phone. It’s a PITA, but that’s the only way, or keep using the Classic app since it still shows up there even though you’re set up in the new app. That’s what I do.

See my reply above :wink:

Thanks. That is a PITA.M, but it works.

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