Add delay to location/security mode?


I have a button at my front door (SmartThings Button), and I want to use it to set my security mode. I have an automation that sets the Security Mode to Away if my Location Mode is away.

However, the issue is I need to add a delay to this button, as after pressing the button I will be opening the door to leave. Any ideas?

One why would be to create a Virtual Switch.

Create an Automation for ‘If’ the button is pressed, ‘Then’ turn On the virtual switch with a delay time set.

Create another Automation for ‘If’ the virtual switch is On, ‘Then’ Change Security Mode to X, and turn Off the virtual switch.


Thank you.

Someone ended up showing me WebCore on Reddit, and that was super easy to get running and setup, so I did it via there. Thank you though!.

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