Add Alexa devices to smart things

Why is it always you can add things to Alexa but never from it?

Would make my life so much easier if I could add my sonoff devices from Alexa into the SmartThings.

Why is it only one way?

That is a strategic decision by Amazon - ask them. It’s their playground.

(probably because they want to control the home automation market)

Another home automation company is working on this and it’s in a testing phase with volunteers. Vera which is now owned by Ezlo is trying to make this happen where you can control all Alexa enabled devices through their hubs and UI, along with scenes (Automations).

It’s had mixed reviews so far. It involves lots of cloud to cloud communication, so delays are likely. In theory, it sounds awesome. In reality, it may be too slow to be useful or reliable. Time will tell.

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Agreed, too slow

I tried to set up some virtual switches to connect sonoff and smartthings. But its waaay too slow.

Oh well.

And agreed they are trying to control it… But there automations are too simplistic. While I can have motion turn on a light. I cant have it check to see if another light is on first and if its not, then turn on the light.

They are just annoying everyone LOL


I dont know if you ever tried virtual switch called “Alexa switch”? I use that for all my sonoff devices( I have like 6-7 sonoff mini and 3 sonoff basic so far) and the delay is less then a second. Also I used that Alexa switch for some Smart life plugs and it worked great. You control everything in smartthings. Also there is couple topics on this about how to flash Tasmota on sonoff devices and put them directly to ST… I haven’t tried that one yet but I’m gonna soon.

Hope this helps