ActionTiles transparent backgrounds and more

@tgauchat your 10001 post is greatly missing! For the effort you guys put in Actiontiles, no mention of v6.10 here, is surprising, or did I miss it?


After playing a little bit with recent updates and enhancements, I must say that ActionTiles is by far the best companion for my Dakboard. There are a few quirks that prevented me from ditching Dakboard altogether, but adding an iframe with an Actiontiles panel on the bottom turned my wall weather-clock into a control panel. Impressive feature-set, the flexibility of Actiontiles is amazing. Great work @tgauchat & co :slight_smile:


Such a great example that of apps working well together, Bob - thanks!

I finally took a closer look at DAKboard and it’s an impressive portal app. @625alex and I should take some inspiration from it, while continuing to honor our fundamental “Tiles” design philosophy.


LOL. Hopefully you see the irony of your last post, @tgauchat?

…considering Backgrounds, Transparent Tiles, etc have been features of for nearly 5 months now! :rofl:

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Irony? No… Just simple mathematics:

2½ years > 5 months.

There are some “design” limitations with the tile based approach, but nothing that cannot be overcome and to be honest, Actiontiles has everything and more that one needs to build a nice looking portal with a few quirks.

As to Sharptools, which I also tried and has it’s own advantages, I found that tile transparency and backgrounds delivered by Actiontiles have the edge, ATM. Plus the login struggle mentioned in another post persisted and it appears that Actiontiles stays logged in longer :slight_smile:

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Pics Please!!!


New Version 6.10.0 & Coupon 19% Off:

Enhanced Theme Builder (backgrounds, transparency, animated icons, more!). No charge trials RESET for everyone thru Sept 3rd

This update is no charge for existing ActionTiles v6.x License owners.

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Major Enhancements

We recently deployed Release v6.10.0 featuring major enhancements to the Theme Builder and Tile Icon Style options:

Multi-Panel GIF of translucent Tiles over ocean sunset background image.

Single Panel image of cyan and pink Tiles with Gradient effect.

Single Panel image with orange-blue geometric background, transparent Tiles, and camera Media Tiles

  • Transparency / Opacity for Tile backgrounds and content using a new full spectrum color wheel with intensity & opacity sliders.
  • Gradient effects for Panel background and Tile background.
  • Background (wallpaper) images…
    Choose from a selection of included stock images or a URL to a custom image (wallpaper sites, photo galleries, or personal websites).
  • Tile border color and width.
  • Icon Animations: breathe, blink, bounce, nudge, pulse, shake, spin, spin fast, vibrate.
  • Icon Effects: glow, fade (fade is the default for Normal Intention in all Themes).
  • More! Full Release Notes & Customer Gallery

If you have tried ActionTiles in the past but had your free 14-Day exploration expire; then today is a great time to try it again: Trials have been reset through September 3rd. Visit the ActionTiles Web-App and just login to your account again. If you haven’t tried ActionTiles yet, then dive in and register for free - Don’t wait any longer to experience the most flexible and beautiful way to control your SmartThings home!
(BTW: We plan to reset the Free periods from time to time, especially when we add a bunch of new features. We are on our 8th Major Update since the March 2017 launch; so there’s lots of new stuff to explore on our Customer Forum:

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