ActionTiles and Nest thermostat: how to display temperature in fahrenheit instead of celsius?


I migrated my SmartTiles to ActionTiles this week.

My Nest thermostat tile reports the temperature in celsius rather than fahrenheit.

On the developers page, My Devices for the Nest thermostat shows the temperature in celsius, even though my Nest app and Nest thermostat are displaying fahrenheit.

SmartTiles automatically converted to fahrenheit.

ActionTiles displays the temp in celsius directly from My Devices. According to support, there is currently no way to tell ActionTiles to display temperatures in fahrenheit.

Has anyone figured out how to do this?

Is there a different device handler for the Nest thermostat I can use?


check what your hub’s temp type is set to (F or C)

In mobile app (classic)
select “More” in botton right with hamburger icon
select settings (gear) in upper right
select temperature scale
hit done

have you checked what your temperature scale is set to in the ST classic app? same place where you set your geolocation.


My temperature scale is set to F in the SmartThings app.

My temperature units are set to F in the Nest app.

Please share a screenshot of what is shown in “current states” of the Device instance in the IDE at - My Devices

While in the IDE, you can also explore My Locations tab to confirm the Units settings for your Location, etc…

Hi Terry,

My Devices for my Nest shows:

Current States * temperature: 20 celsius

I don’t understand why Current State displays Celsius when Nest app is set to Fahrenheit.

Under My Location it shows:

Temperature Scale F

I contacted ActionTiles customer support about this and they said Nest is not fully supported device. And since Current States is displaying temperature in Celsius, ActionTiles would display temperature in Celsius.

Curious that SmartTiles Nest tile displayed temperature in Fahrenheit.

So I thought I’d ask the SmartThings community whether any had a fix. I figured there must be loads of SmartThings users with Nest thermostats who have this problem.

I asked whether ActionTiles would consider adding a global temperature scale setting.

If you login to IDE at go to my locations, do you only see one home location? And if you only have one and click on home, does the temperature scale show F?

I (and @625alex) are ActionTiles :wink:.

Our philosophy is that if SmartThings has a function to do something
(e.g., the handling of “temperatureUnits”), then SmartThings and/or the Device Handler developers should properly and correctly use and conform to that functionality, rather than adding complexity and bandaids to ActionTiles.

Conclusion (?): I apologize, but have to be blunt: This is clearly a bug in SmartThings and/or the Device Handler and/or your configuration. ActionTiles uses the data that is shown in the IDE. That is the official source of information about the state of your device.

NST Manager also uses the ST setting for F/C

I only have one location and it’s temperature scale is F.

I’ve been using the old nest thermostat device handler which appears to be obsolete.

I’m trying to switch to the NST manager now. I installed it but it doesn’t show up in My Apps. And I’m pretty sure I installed it in the right shard.

Determine your Shard using my FAQ :wink:

And let me know if you have any questions regarding App / DH installation. It will be great if this is fixable through a DH update.

20 celsius is not a valid temperature, it should be 20.

I’m personally using the excellent “My Next Tstat” DTH by @yvesracine and it works great with ActionTiles.

ActionTiles doesn’t do any conversion on data that’s sent by SmartThings. We have to rely on ST to provide valid data that confirms to their own specifications.


I switched to NST Manager for my Nest thermostat.

ActionTiles works fine with NST Manager and my temperatures are displayed in F now.


Hello how do I update my nest on actiontiles… I had it working perfectly now it need a update…