ActiON Dashboard 4.6.3 is here! (Now

Need help here. I have a few hue bulbs. In the dashboard I choose them in the dimmer section.

On the dashboard I see the toggle with the dimmer slider underneath it. Problem is…I flip the toggle and the light goes on. then the dashboard will refresh and the toggle goes back to the off position. Then I can’t turn my hue light off after that. Like its out of sync.


@Joseph_Fattizzi, if you wait a few (10) seconds longer, does it go back in sync?

This might be due to latency of Hue. The dashboard is designed to go into sync eventually. Even while it’s out of sync, you should be able to turn off the light, since the tile sends a “toggle” command.

@625alex. I just donated to thank for your work.

We can go weeks without using manual control or switches so I didn’t think we would want a Dashboard. But turns out my wife likes to keep an eye on doors and things. Especially after 5 recent break-ins at neighbor houses. All I had to do was get rid of the Windows 8 looking theme and we liked it. It sits velcroed above the charging area when kid not using this 12.2" tablet.

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How did you remove the grey border around the cameras? I’m looking to do the same.

IIRC it was the .video in custom css. I use genericMJPEGvideo video source.

.camera{background-color: #1C1C1C;}
.video {background-color: #1C1C1C;}

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If you added the JavaScript I posted above, it should refresh every second.

This may have already been asked (this thread is just too long to read through every time I have a question about the app!)…

Is it not possible for the dashboard to “read” the icons used in the ST app? Are those selections exposed somehow? I’m looking at my simple dashboard, which I haven’t customized via CSS yet, and I was thinking about the icons I already assigned in the ST app itself, For example, all my lights have icons representing either their area (a living room couch, for example), of by what they look like (the lights hanging over the kitchen island).

Also, might I suggest we start another thread where people post their CSS mods. Some of the ones I have seen above are very nice looking and it would be great to have a common area to reference all of them.


I stole your idea and created one Dashboard Theming (Custom CSS) and Mounting Hardware Ideas

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Good…I hope people start posting some. Would be awesome if they could be added to Github as well!

I did customize a bunch of icons, for garage door, regular doors, heaters, TVs, and such…but quickly you see that the combo of many icons plus many colors becomes disorientating to the eye. So I muted the color palette quite a bit before showing to the wife…her issue never was colors, but simply being able to understand what the switch did, so I think this was a great idea, Alex. Thanks for pointing it out!

I second that idea…a simple repo to get things from is always helpful.

Curious what others are using for color schemes…I am using Adobe Kuler to generate swatches for me that I like. Not sure where there is a better resource out for making colors that work together…but using that I can end up with three unique dashboards, and dare I say, can be complimentary to the room it is being mounted in.

I customized many of my icons, but realize that it is not helpful for most as you still have to do a lot of edits for your device IDs…but I commented mine as to what the icon will be despite the “funny character” in the file.

Dlee, what web browser are you using in the image? I am having problems getting the mjpeg cams to work on android in any browser except Firefox.

The browser is an Android webview in a Chrome app “Web App”, no address bar. How I got that: Use Chrome browser on your tablet, load your dashboard, go to Chrome settings menu and select “Add to home screen”. Adds an icon to your home screen with name of your dash. Open that and you get almost full screen browser (on Samsung tablets…). Similar to creating a Web App on a desktop using Chrome extensions.

Interesting, I tried that and still don’t get camera streams on any browser except firefox. Does Android require a codec or plugin for mjpeg to work?

Not that I’m aware of. I tried it and works fine on other android phones and old tablets. Perhaps check output format of you camera or Blue Iris web server?

Is anyone here running 7 or more cameras on an Android (Nexus 7) device? I’ve setup the dashboard with 10 cameras. However, I only get the feed for the first six. I’ve changed the ordering of the devices to rule out a camera issue and still only the first six feeds display. This happens in Chrome and Kiosk browser.

Interestingly, all the feeds display as expected on iOS devices in Safari and Firefox on Android.

These are Blue Iris webserver cameras. But I suspect the same issue would exist for others.

If anyone has run into this issue and can assist it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

@pm4_1613 I have 8 camera and have had no problems.

any way to get rstp streams? my camera doesn’t support http other than single image.

Ok, thanks! What type of cameras do you have and what device/browser are you using?

@pm4_1613 I have the following camera 2 9821 version 2 Foscam, 1 linksys wvc80n, 4 FI8910 Foscam and 1 trendnet cam. @isriam what camera do you have? I’m using the following browser Foxfire Waterfox 64 bit version.