A real question not bashing

I see a lot of post bashing ST about integration and performance ect ect. I did a little homework before i purchased the hub and it seemed to be the most compatible with many many " things". and when i added 14 different brands of devices and they all worked i was really impressed. I am still impressed with what it will do and a few members here have helped me out big time with code written just for me.

Is there another device on the planet that does what ST does and has the community support and cost 100 bucks not to mention pretty much plug and play ? my things work great i had some bumps with the addition of Alexa but overall i think ST is the bomb. i wouldn’t buy it for my grandmother but i would recommend to any of my geeky friends without question.

i just hate seeing people bashing ST when they try to use a device from a different company to perform an action that it really wasn’t meant to perform and it doesn’t work exactly right.


Can’t say i’ve seen many complaints about unsupported devices not working. The complaints lately i’ve seen fall in two categories:

  1. A very simple supported device stops working (bulb, contact sensor, etc.)
  2. Something that was supposed to automatically happen doesn’t

Let’s forget about the past, and focus on the future, shall we? The past problems have been detailed in too many threads. The future is hopefully brighter.

As for your “plug and play” experience, if your new community friends were not willing to code for you, how is that “plug and play”? Without them you may not be as happy. As direct result of the stability problems, the community of developers has turned into a community of complainers. We all want to get back to explore the best ST can offer. And @alex, @ben and the ST staff have promised that the time has come!


lol i wanted to do something so far out of the box that wasnt even funny. and i knew going in that this particular device would never work with ST but someone knew how to make it work and did a very good job at making it work. but i can say every device that i have purchased FOR st seems to work without issue guess im lucky that i have not had any issues. knock on wood. honestly i have nothing but good things to say

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Just curious, how much automation do you use vs. remote controlling?

i have ge, hue, lightify, ST, iris, and what ever the garage door opener is and a device that opens my driveway gate that is odd ball config through a camera with http call. and i forgot i use anymote for av control and Alexa
i have lights come on when doors open only during certain times with different dimming depending on the routine, i have notify when something happens like a door open. i have fans come on and some door locks its a pretty big list. i am sure its not as much as some and probably not as much automation as some since i got Alexa.
with out counting i think i have 30ish “things” bought 2 more things today still in the box
I just like the fact i can go buy almost any smart device and it seems to work no matter what brand it is.
most of the device handlers i use were already built into ST except for the crazy gate thing and smart tiles. I have only had the device a month??? or so i am still buying and learning but so far i have had really good luck with everything

i forgot to mention i have had a couple of problems but figured out that it was me and failing router causing the problem. I replaced the router last week

just fyi noone answered my question is there another hub that handles zigbee and zwave ect it really was an honest question guess i should have left off the useless other info.

You may want to check this thread out…


for the info

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Well said!


I am new to ST. I wanted a plug and play option. I had no idea there was coding until I joined this community. I love ST. It’s simple and easy to set up. I buy the “things” that are designed to do what I need.