A dad used SmartThings for his sons medical data

I wrote an article about a father who used SmartThings for his son’s medical data so it could trigger smart home events. You can read about it here.

This is the GitHub for the elasticsearch database he setup. https://github.com/yahnatan/pulseox

It’s fine to use SmartThings to trigger convenience cases like lights coming on. But it just isn’t reliable enough to actually operate medically needed machines, including the smart plugs that power them.

I say this as a medically fragile person myself, but the company also says so in their terms of use:

do not use SmartThings to control any device that may have an impact on health, safety, security, property, or financial interests, or where the device is sensitive and could be damaged by power cycling or power surges. For example, do not control medical equipment or expensive electronics with SmartThings.

I’m glad this family has found value in their home automation projects, and I definitely wish them well.

But I also feel it’s important that other families not be misled into thinking that smartthings is a substitute for any kind of purpose-built medical monitor. It’s not.

I would close with “just my opinion” except it’s not just my opinion. It’s a fact, as the company’s own product usage guidelines state.


I completely understand the viewpoint and while the project started out as a trigger for smart home events, you’ll see in the article that they found they could display this data via a SmartThings integration to a dashboard so they could have a personal view of this data.

It’s completely not advocating misuse. Just a family who found they could use an elasticsearch, have the data in a SmartThings hub and send that data to a dashboard to make their lives a little easier.

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somewhat ironic that’s in the TOS yet they included him in their own blog in 2016


Marketing vs Engineering. Happens in most companies.

Engineering creates a red model and a blue model. Marketing writes a promo story about a nonexistent purple model and then when the orders start to come in tells engineering “can’t you just sort of smush them together?” :scream:


Is this the point where this forum merges into Dilbert cartoons?


Oh, I think we’re long past that point. :wink:


Ten years ago: