89% battery?

Many of my devices are saying 89% battery. This is to include a motion detector that I just installed today. Is this normal? Is there any way to fix this?

It’s normal. :sunglasses: See the battery FAQ:

Thanks for the heads up. I thought it was kinda odd or maybe my hub is broke.

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Zigbee in particular, but also Z wave, are all about power conservation. This isn’t like Wi-Fi where you have a continuous connection but you need to recharge the battery every couple of days. Instead, mesh networks send tiny messages infrequently, as infrequently as possible. Battery powered devices are called “sleepy” because they are inactive most of the time. They only wake up periodically to see if there’s anything new going on that they need to report on. Because every report drives down the battery life. So even reporting on the level of battery is done infrequently. That’s why it’s reported in tiers, so the report can be sent less often, and the battery will last longer. :sunglasses: