$49 All-New Echo Dot (2nd Generation) Pre-Order live - Oct 20th release

(Chris ) #328

I guess I’ll see about the bt speaker shutting off situation. I just connected my one dot to a bt speaker I’m listening to while working outside. This same dot is wired via the 3.5mm jack to my receiver. This bt speaker powers off when nothing goes thru it after awhile. When that happens I’ll turn on the activity that connects it to my receiver and see what happens. I’m assuming the dot still “thinks” it’s connected to a bt speaker so that’s why there’s no output.



(Eric) #330

All, just a couple observations I’d thought I’d share…

I have 1 Echo and 6 new Echo Dots.

I setup my dots on my normal wifi network. My wifi network supports both 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands.

I use several of the Ubiquiti UAP AC PRO access points. I have band steering turned on which pushes devices capable of using the 5ghz band to the 5ghz band. This feature works perfect for my iPhone, tablest (iOS and Android), rokus, Macbooks. My 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks have the same name as band steering takes care of pushing them to the correct band (based on performance).

When I setup my dots, they all joined as 2.4ghz. After a couple attempts to get them on 5ghz I gave up can created a new 5ghz ssid just for devices I wanted to force to 5ghz and the same mfor 2.4ghz. This is important to me as I have over 70 wireless devices and my 2.4ghz band is getting crowded.

Once I connected them to the 5ghz network, everything was fine, except for a day later they were all back on the old SSID. After doing some research, the only way to remove the old SSID from the echo dot is to contact support, which I have not done yet. :cry:

If I can get 6 devices off of my 2.4ghz band, I will. As a side note, my 1 year old Echo has been on the 5ghz network without being forced since I bought it (yea, I can’t guarantee it never switched over).

(Chris ) #331

I don’t check in on my routers list that often but every time I have the echo has been in the 5ghz. I don’t have what Asus calls smart connect turned on (steering ) but my one dot just wants to be on the 2.4ghz so I guess I’ll leave it there.

(Michael Hess) #332

Go to your Amazon Account page. Under Manage your Content and Devices, then Saved Wi-Fi Passwords, hit delete. Then deregister your device, and re-add it. That should force a reset of all memorized SSID’s.

(Michael Hess) #333

This is completely unusable to me. I have three hubs, it only supports one! So I’d need a mix of ST virtual switches like I have now, shared to Alexa, as well as this skill setup for just one of the hubs. That’s a major PIA once you deviate from “standards.”

I hope they add support for multiple hubs soon. I’ll probably try it on the living room one, since it’s the only one we (rarely) watch cable on and might want to change channels.

Also they don’t support volume or play/pause yet.

This is typical Logitech work, half a**'d!

Edit: Link to discussion of this:

(Eric) #334

RE: wifi passwords…

Thanks, I try this when I get home from work.

(Richy) #335

Went to Best Buy today and seen the 2nd gen dot on the shelf.

(Chris Crowder) #336

Has anyone had the issue with their dot disconnecting from their bluetooth speaker and then reconnecting? After mine made the VERY loud bluetooth connecting noise at 2am I switched it to a wired setup once my heart did not feel like it was going to stop beating.


So I don’t have the option to remove my saved Amazon wifi networks under my account settings as the option is grayed out. I think it may be that I own a Kindle (says it can be changed there). In any case I found the best way to forget the wifi network on your Echo.

  1. Go into the wifi settings of your Amazon Echo app for that named echo device.
  2. Hold the ∅ button on your echo for 5 seconds. You will enter setup mode.
  3. Press the “Connect” button in your app
  4. All of the available wifi networks will be displayed. Select the one you want to remove.
  5. Select “Forget this Network”
  6. Select “Choose Another Network”
  7. Select the network you want to use.
  8. Select “Continue”

You should be good to go!


My house now has two Dots in addition to the Fire TV stick I had. The 1st Dot did not want to setup using the Amazon Alexa app they advise to use. I had to go to the website on my laptop instead. Once setup, I went through the typical turn on this or that and set the Nest to this while testing them. I also tested the voice remote of the fire stick next to a dot. When using the voice remote, the dot would wake with Alexa but after a one ring of blue lights it would turn off letting the voice remote take over. I even held the remote with the dot in between and got the same results. It would be nice if I could tell a dot to control the fire stick also. For me, music from the dots was fine. It’s not super loud or audiophile quality but I usually have music as background noise more than anything.


Just got my 2 dots. I used Gorilla construction adhesive and glued one of these to a blank light ‘plate’ I already had on the ceiling. https://imgur.com/gallery/REKNa

Also connected it to a small amplifier via 3.5mm to RCA and to a new in-ceiling speaker.
Really happy with the result and the range on the echo dot 2 seems great.

The only issue I found was that connected it via a 30 ft USB extension didn’t give the Dot enough power to fully boot, I had to re-arrange where it got power from (closer) and it was fine.

(Eric) #340

I stuck one of mine under my cabinets with some heavy duty double sided tape. I have those nice under cabinet receptacles that you can’t see so my kitchen dot is not visible at all. Works great.


My Alexa is weird. Sometimes she will find a light I have some times she won’t. I think I got my ex in Alexa form.

Alexa, back porch on
sorry I could find a device listed as back porch

Alexa, turn back porch on

Alexa, turn back porch off
sorry I could find a device listed as back porch

Alexa, back porch off
sorry I could find a device listed as back porch

(Smuts) #342

Mine too. I had something called “patio lights” that it found every now and then. I changed it to “patio light” singular and it works fine. The plural caused a problem. Unless I said “the patio lights” it wouldn’t work. Odd.

I accidentally had “mail box” as two words. That wouldn’t work. I changed it to “mailbox” and it works fine. This I understand.


It’s irritating the say the same thing multiple times and Alexa randomly finds it or says there is no device named that.

I didn’t buy dots for the search feature but had to try it anyway. That’s hit or miss too.

I do like the feature of saying add whatever to my shopping list as I walk around the house and think of something I need, at the store open amazon alexa app to shopping list and its all there.

Alexa won’t find events more than a few days out on my google calendar, but I can create an Alexa to do list as far out as I need to make appointments etc. Would be nice if it was all on my google calendar.

(Smuts) #344

And the results are too short. You can’t get enough information from it on normal searches. I wish it would ask if you wanted more info. Perhaps the conversational AI in the Google Home device will be better. I hope to get one. If anything, using Google rather than Bing for search will be a vast improvement.

I’ve been using the dot as a timer. But I have to walk up to it and yell at it to make it stop the alarm.

Voice training helped some.

NPR flash briefings aren’t bad.

I have the naming conventions sorted out now. Echo works pretty smoothly as a light switch. If SmartTiles would stay logged in, I’d probably just use it though. (I’m reluctant to try the Fully Kiosk refresh. I don’t want to have to pay for a license for each device.)


To update/correct what I wrote. There is an IFTTT recipe that will send Alexa to-do events to google calendar. Alexa can also directly add events to google calendar. On the Amazon Alexa app, go to settings then calendar. Mine was linked but wasn’t enabled to send events to it.

IFTTT also has a recipe to ring from your phone from an Alexa voice command. Can come in handy when looking all over the house for it.

(Chris ) #346

This is one of the reasons I think Google home will have an advantage. Like many I’m pretty embedded with Google through my android phone and GH will work better with things like Google maps, calendar etc…than they 3rd party apps like ifttt.

(Don) #347

You don’t need the license unless your wanting to use the paid for features. I was using the free version, prior to using the camera wake function, and it worked for me.