4 Way Z-Wave Switch Installation w/ Double Red & Double White

I believe this is my wiring.

Based on this thread the GE Switch won’t work.

Can someone walk me through wiring in a Fibaro Dimmer or Aeon Micro Switch? Recommendations? I read one has fragile ports but cannot remember which :confused:

Thanks in advance

The problem you and everyone else has is that there is no neutral in any of those boxes.
There are two options. Have a neutral brought from light to first box and then you can change the wires to what needs to be or install an in wall module at the lamp and keep existing switches.
Your choice.

I have neutrals from other switches located in each box.

Are they on same circuit as the lights? Sharing a neutral with another circuit can be dangerous.

What ritchierich said. However, if you have both line and load from another circuit in one of those boxes, then you may be able to power the light load from the different circuit if you need to. That is, cap off the power source at the fixture and re-do it so power comes from one of the switch boxes.

There was a time that you’d have to think long and hard about whether that circuit could take one more overhead light fixture on it, but if we are talking about a single LED bulb, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

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