4 inch can smart lights?

Is anyone aware of 4 inch can smart lights? I see that osram has a 6 inch light but I can’t find anything that is 4 inches. Thank you in advance!

Hi @Pericles57, Why not just use a smart wall switch to control all the lights? Do you want individual control of each can?

Yup I use a smart switch and dumb dimmable LED’s

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Thanks @johnconstantelo and @celblazer! I was thinking of lighting up each can based on specific ifttt commands. In our kitchen, we have 3 sets of canned lights (three different switches). I was thinking of programming specific lights to turn on based on certain doors opening and motion sensors. For example, if it’s night time and I want my milk and cookies, I’d only like 1 light to turn on. I guess the dimmable negates the smart can lights need though. Since we’re remodeling, I’d still like to have each can be a smart light right off the bat. But, if my search is fruitless, the dimmers will definitely work.

Anytime @Pericles57. You won’t need ifttt cause ST will be able to do all those automations, and with SmartApps like CoRE, you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

If you want to control each can separately, then there’s nothing in 4 inches. You’d have to go with bulbs. In either case, controlling individual cans or bulbs can be problematic at times, especially when the platform hiccups. If you want to control just those 3 sets of cans, I’d definitely go with a smart switch. I think you’ll find it more costly to go with individual smart cans vs a smart switch.

We have a similar setup with cans and switches in my parents home. 1 set of cans in the kitchen are over a sink, and they become night lights when guests are staying. They dim really low, and provide enough light to see where you’re going for a drink of water. The other set are a set of 6 cans in the main part of the kitchen, and those work in different ways via dim levels set for certain activities. The last set are over an island in a dropped ceiling.

I see a lot of folks jumping to smart can lights only to realize later that smart switches and good quality dumb dimmable LED’s are really what’s needed.

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I have both. In dining room I have 4 " dumb" 6" cans on a ZW dimmer. In the kitchen & pantry I went with the Osram RGBW 5/6" can bulbs. The colored cans work well with the Hue strips under the counter for alarm/ notification lights and I have the option of only turning on the 1(s) I need.

Also dimmers work better if there are at least 40W draw. I originally wired dining room with 3 switches, 2 cans on each dimmer and a fan controller. I found 2 11W LED bulbs was not enough draw, but 4 bulbs work fine.

You’ve gotten a lot of good suggestions, I just wanted to mention that Phillips does make a 4 inch recessed light in their Phoenix line that works with the hue bridge. Adjustable cool white to warm white.


Thank you everyone! This is really helpful information. I did buy the ST box about a week ago and have been completely enamored with it. It’s been really cool.