3way lights - Cooper Aspire switches and Osram bulbs lighting sync

Hi all I have a new project I am setting up and I wanted to get some feedback before I really start making big wiring changes.

My current setup is this. I have three rooms with smart bulbs. Each room has a set of four bulbs connected to a three way pole. Additionally one room has a separate bulb connected to a three way pole. So in short I have four sets of lights connected to three way poles.

All of the bulbs are connected to ST with no problems. I am able to control them from the app and have created a series of lighting apps that work great. Now I want change out the switches so that my light settings don’t keep getting reset.

Here are the parts I have
Osram lightify bulbs
Aspire rf9501 dw wall switches (master, zwave compatible)
Aspire rf9540 -ndw wall dimmers (master, zwave compatible)
I am looking for auxiliary switches currently as I understand I probably cant use the master switches in an auxiliary component.

I do NOT currently have the minimote and I am curious if that is a requirement.

I have 8 switches I want to replace.

I want to be able to control my devices from ST and from the wall switches. This means I want the switches to keep current info about the state of lights (dim level, on/off) and share it with the ST hub. Basically, when someone flips one of the switches or dims one of the bulbs from the wall I want ST to be able to get that info and reflect the current status in the app. I am hoping this will be possible using this hardware.

Any and all suggestions would be great.

Your goal is to use smart bulbs on the circuits that have the cooper z-wave switches on them?

Yes that is the goal…

You probably don’t want to do that. Smart bulbs aren’t meant to have their power cut on and off, they can be damaged. Either use smart bulbs or smart switches to control a given circuit, not both.