OSRAM Lightify Recessed 5/6 RGBW stuck in yellow at Startup

Hello I have 4 of these bulbs. Three work just fine but the fourth has an issue. When I turn the lights on with the switch (Cooper Aspire RF) it starts up in yellow. Tuning with the app can get it close to the right color but its not the desired result.

I am using the original firmware and have not updated them as I dont have a hub. I use the ST device driver.

You shouldn’t have a smart bulb on a smart switch. The bulb needs constant power to work right and to act as a repeater.

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Well if you can tune it through the app, my suggestion of resetting it is dead. Constantly power cycling them behind a switch can’t be good for them. Since they changed from the old color wheel to the color spectrum I have given up on trying to get any of my Osram colors to match using custom color. I’ve just gone to using the preset colors at the bottom.

Seems to be an epidemic this week. I don’t understand the reasoning of putting smart bulbs behind a smart switch.

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I had the Cooper Aspire 9540 Z wave Switch installed first. I have all zwave devices in the home. I saw that the Osram Zigbee Bulbs had the ability to change color and I had a use case. I work in my home office during the day and I wanted the bulbs to be daylight bright during the day and than change to softwhite later during the evening.
I couldnt do that with Standard cree bulbs. I dont require zigbee repeater network as I dont have any other zigbee devices.

Can you explain technically how the Zwave Switch is different in my scenario than a standard leviton switch. Are you saying that the desired configuration is to leave the switch always powered on. Than use the app or rules (motion or time) to turn or turn off. BTW Yes I get that its redundant but its load on or load off to the bulb.

I just use the preset colors yes. However the preset color on this particular bulb is off. Its possible that this one is damaged or could it just need to be reset with a bridge.