3-Way Switched Receptacle

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Are there switches in the market that can replace 3 way switches hooked up to a receptacle? I searched the forum and found this diagram which I believe is the same or similar to how my switches are configured. What I learned so far is that the switches will must be rated for 15A, but I am not sure which Smart Switches can support this type of wiring.



Instead of allowing both switches to switch the receptacle, I believe most people set it up so that there is one master switch which can control the receptacle, and then there is an auxiliary switch which just sends messages to the master switch, essentially acting as a remote for the master. So the auxiliary switch tells the master switch to turn the outlet on or off.

If you do it that way, the auxiliary switch can even use wireless communication and doesn’t have to be on the same circuit and doesn’t have to be wired to the receptacle. In fact, it could even be a battery powered device, it doesn’t matter.

So that just gives you a lot more options for candidate devices.

We do need to ask what country you are in, if you have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub, and if so, what model. But it should definitely be doable. :sunglasses:


Thanks very much for the suggestion! That definitely seems like a feasible solution.

I live in the US, and I am using the SmartThings Hub V3 (which now is Aeotec Hub).



That thread is discussing a different use case: having dimming from two switch locations, controlling the same light fixture.

In many US jurisdictions, it is against code to control an in wall outlet with a dimmer. And even if it is allowed, it’s not usually good practice.

In this thread, the OP wants to have an in wall outlet controlled by on/off switches in two locations. That’s also doable, but it will be a different set of devices than the ones discussed in the thread that you linked to.


Yeap. That’s correct. I learned that we can’t use dimmer switch for Outlets in the US

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Do you have a preference as to protocol? Z wave, Zigbee, Wi-Fi over matter, Wi-Fi? You currently use any Smart switches?

I’ve used them all protocols before. Currently I am using Kasa and Tapo wifi. I like the look and feel of those switches the best.

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If I do what you suggested above, using one of the switch permanently wired and using the other one as an auxiliary switch, any idea how I can reqire them?


Drat, there goes my idea to dim the vacuum cleaner. :grinning: