3 way switch Tp link

I’m here cause I really need some help this thing is driving me crazy.
I have a regular 3 way switch with one lamp that works properly. Just bought the smart 3 way switch from tp link hs210.

But of course the set up is not working.

So here is the problem. The set up of wires seems pretty classic but when all plugged in nothing work.
On one side switch or box i have 2 packs of cable. One with a red black white and ground and another with a black white and ground.
On the old switch there was the first red and black plugged on the travelers spots and the black wire from the second pack on the hot spot. Fine thats seems easy i just replaced the old with the smart and plug everything the same way. The smart turns on. Plus the neutral in the whites pack with the cap.

The problem must be on the other side or second switch.
This one is on a 3 switch on the wall and each is for a different light. Which is not a problem
For this one we only have one pack of wire so red black white and ground. And on this side red and black on the travelers and the white on the hot one.

And here is the problem. If i replace the old with the smart switch with the same set up, my switch turns on so i can process to the smart switch set up with the app to connect to the wifi… no problem. But i cant turn on the light.

And when i clic on the second switch or lets say the slave one, the master switch turns off but the light turns on.

On the other side when i activate the first switch or master one, the lights are flashing.

And the thing is, it seems like i have power on both switch. Because if i unplug the hot spot wire on eather switch and i put a nut on it the other smart switch turns on. Same thing on both side.

So maybe the power is going directly in the light and then to the switches. But in that case maybe the set up would be different?

Anybody would habe an idea please?
Yhank you