24/7 Monitoring Service?

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I have a SamSung SmartHome system installed and want to outsource the 24/7 monitoring to company who does that. Are you aware of any companies who integrate with smarthings and does the monitoring for monthly fees?

Canada and US preferred…


Officially, you have one of two options depending on which model of the hub you have.

If you have the SmartThings/ADT security panel, then there is an ADT option, no long-term contracts, and it’s a decent low-cost security system. It has cellular communication to the monitoring center, it has its own battery back up, and uses a proprietary communication protocol for those devices which are allowed to trigger calls to the monitoring center which should be more reliable than the regular SmartThings sensors. It can also do all of the same home automation. If you follow any of the links on the SmartThings site to “security“ they will take you to this model line and explain all the details. :sunglasses:

The alternative for those who have other smartthings hub models is to use the scout monitoring system. Again, no long-term contracts. However, unlike the ADT model, this does not do fire monitoring, only “intrusion“, and does not have cellular communication with the monitoring center, so if your Internet or power go out, it won’t work at all. It doesn’t really make sense when compared to the competitors, but it is available.

Just speaking personally, I would not rely on smart things as my only security system unless I were using the ADT model. But obviously that’s up to you. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for your reply, does ADT provide the monitoring? if chose the ADT/Smartthing option? Another question, Can I integrate my Dome, doors, and Fibaro sensors with the ADT panel?

The latest monitoring service to be integrated (with the assistance of @heythisisnate of Konnected.io) is Noonlight.

They used to be only a safety App, but have added Central Monitoring services (via an open API).

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Yes, ADT Provides the monitoring, but the only devices which are allowed to send a notification to the central monitoring system are the dual logo devices (Which have both ADT and SmartThings logos on the box). And again, those are using a completely different proprietary communication protocol which will work even if your power and your Internet are down.

You can integrate your other devices with your ADT/SmartThings panel, but only for home automation purposes. Those devices are not allowed to trigger notifications to the monitoring center because they are not considered reliable enough.

You can talk to people who are actually using the system in the following thread ( this is a clickable link)

Noonlight is an interesting option, and does add some additional features, but because of the underlying SmartThings platform I still wouldn’t use it as my primary security system because it was still relies on the Internet to send notifications. If your Internet goes out, you won’t have any notification sent to Noonlight. :disappointed_relieved:

Yup… ADT Hub certainly has that advantage. I personally recommend this ADT Hub.

But various SmartThings and/or Konnected customers are having success using routers with cellular fail-over capability. Not particularly expensive or complicated, actually, especially with low data-plan SIMs. Also need to have a UPS (and SmartThings Cloud online).

The resulting configuration has side benefits of full home internet fail over… Not just the alarm system.

This is a new service/company - still in BETA but you can check out the offerings.

Any new news here? Just finished setting up my konnected panels!!! Loving it!

Any services I can use to add professional monitoring??? I have 4G failover by Unifi. So no worries about that…