2019 IOT Humour

OK, I heard an ad for Oracle today, and I swear I thought they said “a clown-based platform”.:wink:


it was really “cloud based.”


Welcome to the “old age club”


I think it was the announcer, not my hearing. But it shows you where my mind goes! :joy:

I saw this story on the news tonight. A couple was at home watching a late movie when unsettling noises in their house sparked fears of a midnight intruder. Amid the panic, the husband grabbed a gun and the wife called 911. Deputies rushed to the house and met with the frightened owners. After a search of the house, the deputies asked “Is the Roomba yours?” It turns out the culprit was their NEW robot cleaner. It somehow turned itself on and started bumping into walls creating the loud noises the couple heard. Of course the officers had a good laugh.


Links your customer support response system should NOT generate…

Anything ending in “SUKr”

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2020 …

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