2019 Global Accessibility Awareness Day (May 16, 2019)

Quite a few events happening around the world and online.


Many Apple stores around the world are holding events today, including free workshops on using voiceover and other accessibility features.

Apple also changed their homepage for today to showcase accessibility features.

I was unable to find any events involving Samsung or SmartThings. If you know of any, please add them.


Microsoft is participating. They announced grants to seven different start ups as part of their “AI for accessibility“ program. Pretty cool. :sunglasses:

And a nice article on other Microsoft efforts in this area:


Google’s In, too, with a curated selection of accessibility apps in the play store today:


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.OK, I believe I have posted enough for the day :slight_smile:


Good work! There was some really cool stuff highlighted this year. :sunglasses:

I had no idea they had added tap pattern recognition to the HomePod to make it easier for those who are blind or not able to vocalize.

And the echo show now has full captioning for those who are hard of hearing.

Google had lots of interesting stuff as well.

IBM’s Efforts were mostly directed at their own employees, but that’s important, too. They had several locations where IBM employees could participate in Simulated experiences of disability to help them understand the challenges that need to be met.

Year round, IBM offers its employees the opportunity to earn the title of “accessibility advocate,“ a program that it would be nice to see other companies adopt as well.

Accessibility is the over-arching topic under which there are several distinct, separate disciplines: Design, Test, Development (Software, Hardware, and Mobile), Project/ Relationship Management, etc. The badge earner has acquired fundamental and discipline-specific knowledge for designing and developing acessible products, helping IBM maintain its commitment to making its information technology available and usable, regardless of the ability of the user.