2018 - Current: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Z-wave+ Shades & Bali Autoview Z-wave+ Shades

Were you ever able to get 11.3? I need the firmware too! This problem has been bugging me for over a year.

May I ask for the 11.3 firmware as well.
I’ve got 15 Bali Autoview roller shades running 11.02 firmware.
They were not purchased from ZebraBlinds

@richardw I’ll get back to you on that. Need to double check and I am currently travelling. Will let you know in a day or two.

So if they are all off of ST, look at page 30 of this manual for the general instructions on adding it back: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nig89p5ctRl5ihJ-KKVzLH5ss-tzssnu/view?usp=sharing

Please Pm me about it

@ZebraBlinds apparently i am unable to PM as my account is too new. maybe you can PM me to start the process or I will just have to wait awhile before my account is “verified” with time.

@ZebraBlinds if it helps… my email is my first name @ first and last name dot com no underscores

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