200 Device limit - How to proceed from here?

I thought I saw it suggested that if you used the ‘Manage devices to use’ page to deselect a load of devices from the app those devices wouldn’t count towards the 200 device limit when it came to adding devices. I can see why it could work but it isn’t something I’ve tried myself.

Yes. In the App go into manage devices to use and untick a few rooms so your below 200. Then add the lock as normal. Finally go back into manage and put them back

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I’ve reviewed all my devices that can’t be controlled in the app. So buttons, PIRs etc. and I’ve hidden them from the app. Same with virtual devices that are only in use for automations.

Everything still works and I’m below the 200 devices being controlled it the app. Everything is working smoothly now. And removing them had no impact on routines. And they are all available in Google/Alexa/ActionTiles ……


Seems too simple to be true! Of course they run in the hub routines locally just the same, and really there’s no reason to see them on the app.
That’s a good tip!


I like this a lot, it will really simplify the look and feel of the app and make it much faster. I’m not sure what the part is about “notifications will only be provided to those devices” means. I have a ton of leak sensors and would not want to miss something important! I’m going to have to do some testing and see what happens.

@JDRoberts Do you know what the part about notification means?



Is it just me or does the latest version [SmartThings] not seem to have the 200 device limit anymore? I just purchased some Yale YRD450 Assure Lock 2 ZWave locks and I was able to just go into devices and add them. I’m floating around 250 devices for the past few months, I had been using a work around to add devices and now the onboarding screens look completely different and I was able to use the current app to just scan for devices and add them.

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I don’t. My guess would be that the devices you don’t select will not get notifications in the app when they have state changes, but I’m just guessing. :thinking:

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Yea I can confirm the limitations are gone from both iOS and Android. No idea if there is a new limit, or if this is the new standard. Not seen anything from SmartThings officially perhaps @nayelyz can provide and update.


I’m going to test everything and see what happens. I have always thought the 200 device limit and the 20 rooms was for the usability and speed of the application itself and not the hub! I have a lot of sensors that I never use and never look at and are only for routines and notifications. Same thing with all the virtual devices for Alexa automations. I have 24 rooms and only added them so I can organize everything. Sometimes it is a little difficult to pick a certain room in devices because the dots across the bottom are so small! I really wish there was a better way to organize the routines into different folders, its very difficult to find the one I’m looking for. Today I made sections using routines I created that will never do anything because the will never meet the conditions to run.

I don’t know about their position. I had already added a second hub about 8 months ago. I’m building out a security system to replace my Nest Secure that will be bricked next April. I figured it was a logical delimiter to put all my security devices on a dedicated hub. I’ve had no issues running two hubs in the same location. My routines and automations work between the two hubs, just have to pick the right hub when I’m onboarding devices.


With this hub everywhere concept, how does this ambition link in with device number limitations. Bit pointless having loads of hubs with no devices


It does seem a bit that way. If we could have redundant hubs with automatic failover it would be different.


I posted a couple of weeks ago, in the current version, the device limit has been removed. I have over 250 devices and the add option is working again.


Yes this is the third time over the years that I’m aware of that ST have added a 200 device Limit. Then they remove the limit for a while. Only to add it back.

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Just curious, are you using Android or iOS?


This was the answer given by @nayelyz in August. Then a few weeks later it was possible to add more than 200.

Hi, everyone, here’s the feedback about this discussion: The current limit of devices installed is 200 per Location, for users to continue expanding their Smart Home, they need to create a new Location and install the new devices there. If your Location is already reaching the limit or above it, and, you cannot add more devices. You can migrate the Cloud Connected integrations (those that require a login into the Third-Party Cloud), first to the new one because they don’t require a SmartThings Hub. Note: Remember a SmartThings Hub can belong to a single Location.


@AlejandroPadilla has there been an official change since August. Or is this limit likely to return?


I’ve seen no official word on the limit removal. But, the work around for me was pretty easy. I just loaded an older version of ST’s from APK mirror on a spare Android device that didn’t have the limit. Anytime I wanted to add a device, I just pulled out that device, added something and went over to my regular device and did my configuration and setup in the current version. Worked for past year, that’s how I got past 200 months and months ago. Now, if they put the limit back, I can just load on my spare device and just continue to add. The limit was in the app, not the platform.


Current status for anyone keeping track.

Groovy : we don’t care.
Oh were spending a ton of money on the cloud we need to care.

Oh new environment: 200 devices
Users : scream
Oh ok 200 soft limit but we’re not supporting more than 200…
users sigh

new app team: spec says 200.
Users scream
support: what do you mean we support more
new app team points no we don’t.
support yes. We do, smack
new app team FINE. releases patch

Do this a dozen or so times over the last year…

app team we have a perf issue
Boss : spec says 200
app team: spec says 200!
Users: scream!!!
app team
we’re way ahead of you guys this time…200 visible devices. Hide stuff until you get under 200…Btw have you heard about the new hub migration feature?

…You are here.


You forgot the part about ‘let’s make this experience different between iOS and Android and by region while we’re at it.’

Meanwhile, I’m at 438 devices and never once had to perform any tricks or workarounds to get there.