2 GE Z Wave Light Switches Install Q - Ground Wire?

I’m trying to replace standard light switches with GE Z Wave dimmer smart light switches. However, in the double light switch panel I’m working on (two light switches to two different lights), the ground or copper wire is shared between the two light switches - meaning that it comes from the the wall, loops around one, through some sort of splitter, then loops through the next switch, and then back into the wall.

So my problem is that I can’t connect the ground wire to the GE Z Wave dimmer switch as the GE switch only allows for a single wire (an insert the wire into the hole on the switch type style) and is not designed for a loop to be used.

Thoughts on what to do? Can I attach a copper from the grounding wire into the smart light switch? I don’t think I can ground it to the light switch box as that is plastic but perhaps there’s another work around?

Could really use the help. I have a few double light switches that share the ground wire in this looping manner I need to switch so it’d be greatly appreciated.


Just use a wire nut to attach a pigtail to each plug and then tie them to the grounding wire. As long as they are making contact the ground will serve it’s purpose.