2.4gh (2400) rf signal - device to control?


Does anyone know of a device i can get that can control 2.4ghz (2400) rf signals?


2.4 Gigahertz is a frequency that is used by many different protocols, including Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and thread. But none of these understand the messages sent by the other. It’s like having a letter in the same kind of envelope, but the letters inside are written in different languages.

So it’s not enough just to have a 2.4 GHz radio: you probably already have several of those, including inside your mobile phone. You need to have one that can transmit messages in the specific format expected by the device you are trying to communicate with.

So what is the brand and model of the device you want to communicate with?

Looking at a remote control TV lift within a bed. There isn’t much data on it and I can’t find a brand name for the lift or any real info on the remote. Only wording I have is ksh24g

OK, the remote should at least have an FCC label if it was authorized for sale in the US. Look for the FCC license on the label, which might be inside the battery compartment.

If you’re not in the US, then look for any similar label or just post a photo of whatever labels there are.

There is another alternative, assuming the remote still works, which is to add a robot button pusher to push the buttons on the remote. I myself am quadriparetic, so I do use these in my own home and they work quite well if you want voice control or to add them to your automations. The only thing is they may cost more than you want to pay if it’s just a convenience issue.

Here’s a review of one of the most popular button pushers that I wrote for this forum. This brand is available in both the US and EU. (The topic title is a clickable link)

thanks, there are no FCC labels im in the UK.

I’ve been eyeing up switch bot but will need 2 of them at which point for pure convenience i dont want to spend that level of money.

Why has no-one made a 2400 channel variant of the rm pro?

RF signals are usually 433MHz in Europe and 315MHz in the US.
I suspect that reference number you’ve found doesn’t relate to a frequency.
The good news is if you have a remote the RM Pro 4 should be able to learn the commands.
You’ll have to buy it from somewhere like Aliexpress to get the dual band cos if you buy from amazon you’ll get the single band version for your country.


usually yes but this is a media bed that will have been made for worldwide consumption so could well be on the 2400 frequency

is there anyway to test what frequency the signal coming out of the remote is?

I dont know of a way to check the frequency of a remote.
But 2.4Giga hertz is not usually rf. Its too high and normally only used for wifi or Bluetooth. So my only concern is if its a Bluetooth remote, but if it is there would have to be a way of pairing the remote to the lift device.

The dual band rm pro 4 is as cheap as chips, and probably cheaper than any device you could get to measure the remote.

Is there any info or symbols on the remote or the lift mechanism you could photo and post here??

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lots of photos :slight_smile:

It is also used for Zigbee, which is a low power protocol. There are some Zigbee remotes, and of course quite a few Bluetooth ones.

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Are There any labels inside the battery compartment? You will have to take the batteries out to see them. :thinking:

Yes there are but it very unlikely to be a zigbee remote and I didnt want to over complicate my reply.

However from your first pic, I can confirm its going to be an infra-red (ir) remote as the led protruding from the front is an ir led.

The ksg24g is just a model number and nothing to do with the communication protocol.

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As @Mikeyf79 says, it doesn’t look like an RF remote of any Kind, but rather IR (infrared, not Radio frequency). That makes it much simpler. There are lots of universal RF devices, including, btw, the Switchbot mini hub, which already has a SmartThings integration in the new V3 app.

The Broadlink is less expensive, but integration with smartthings can get a bit tricky.

That said, I am concerned that any integration isn’t going to work very well because you probably have a duration control where the lift moves for as long as you hold down the button. If that’s so, most simple integrations won’t handle that. They’ll just turn on or turn off. So you may need more complicated code to simulate a duration press.

no labels under the batteries sadly.

its definitely not IR as those are just lights that come on and there is no IR receiver on the bed itself. and i’ve already tried to teach it to my switchbot hub.

oh and the bed can be activated from a completely different room

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You can use a spectrum analyser, but those are typically hundreds of euros and wouldn’t be worth it for this. (There are some for under 100 €, but they only cover a narrow range and still wouldn’t likely be worth it for this.) Field techs will have one For when they’re looking for sources of interference, but they’re usually too expensive for DIY projects.

I’d go with an Broadlink rm pro 4, you can get them for £20 at the moment which do both both rf frequencies and ir (ensure you get the dual rf version) and if all else fails you can still use it to control your TV lol.
Connect it to alexa and even better you can control your TV by voice.

I also use it to control rf light switches.

2.4 GHz is RF. What else would it be?

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@Mikeyf79 you got a link for them at £20? Happy to give it a punt if the switchbot buttons dont come in cheap tomorrow


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Heres one (for £24) that states it does both freq, but check out other links cos they all vary in price.

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Hi mate, did you try the device from amazon? Looking at your pics i’m assuming its the copenhagen ottoman TV bed you’re trying to control via voice assistant or app, which is exactly what i’m looking for.