0v - 10v control extractor fan

Hi All,

I have an extractor fan in my garage (in the UK) which is controlled by a turn dial which I’m reliably informed sends a signal of between 0v and 10v to the fan which it then interprets as setting the fan speed to a corresponding 1% to 100%.

Would there be any way to control this via Smartthings? I’m happy to get handy with a soldering iron with a little guidance.

Many thanks in advance.


in the US there is a " [

MIMOlite - FortrezZ


that can output 0-10V. You want a similar device for the UK Zwave freq.

It is simpler to just pick a speed you like from your existing switch, and then add a relay/smart-switch to enable/disable that speed.

Thanks for your help. Ideally I’d like the full range of control, but on/off is an option if all else fails.

The device you linked to is interesting.