Zwave for gas fireplace

for safety sake make sure to leave the default switch installed in SERIES with the zwave dry contact relay.

This allows the original switch to still turn off the system for cleaning and to ensure it does not come on when you dont want it too.


That’s an interesting statement. Does this relay switch have a history of random events of turning itself on?!
I bought the Remotec Dry Contact Relay switch:

no there is no issue that i know of. I bought the same one.

Imagine this, you or a repair person is working on the fireplace, but forget you have an automation set to turn on the fireplace when the room temp drops to a certain level.

You dont want it coming on while you or someone else is cleaning/fixing the fireplace.
Fireplaces are not maintenance free, after a couple years the automatons are so common you forget they run.

And in most municipalities, it is LAW that the fireplace cannot be automated, and must be manually controlled.

Wiring the relay and switch in SERIES makes the fireplace manually controlled with an automated function while the manual switch is in the ON position only.

So I am glad to say I got the Remotec working as a wall switch and connected to my hub. I also got it connected to my Logitech Harmony Hub remote and can now turn on my fireplace while watching TV. :fist_right::fist_left:

And for safety, I would never automate a fireplace to heat my place up. I know some people do and may need to, but not needed for me.

The 120V surge fried my thermocoupler and thermopile, plus installation fee… an expensive lesson :persevere:

Anyway now, I notice that every now and then I see the switch’s blue LED blink a few times and then stop. It does not stay on, it just blinks and then goes dark after those few blinks. It also appears to be working fine 3 days into installation. I checked the manual section, “LED Indication Status”, and there is no mention of this behavior. All of the operations talk about flashing and then the light staying on. I also don’t see anything showing up in the Recently tab of the SmartThings classic app. I will check the IDE logs to see if anything, but figured I’d ask here first, if anyone had a similar experience.

I have not paid attention to the blue light as mine is installed below the fireplace out of sight.

My fireplace has been ON for the past 3 hours, and the blue light is ON right now.

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Anyone who works on the fireplace with the gas valve open and pilot light on is asking for trouble whether a smart switch or dumb switch is installed. This is a very simple problem to work around…turn off the gas valve before working on it.


sweet. Google home is my next step.

I just added the EcoLink Z-Wave Pedal switch to my milli-volt fireplace. I can use the switch manually or have voice control via GH and Alexa.

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I have a GE Smart Switch powering a plug that is attached to a dry relay. Looking at your solution, it is definitely a simpler solution that doesn’t require any fancy wiring or relays. Good stuff!

I used this:

Have it working with smartthings v3 hub also via Alexa.

I use the same relay as squash works great. But dont try to get fancy and hook up the switch on your wall to it as well, i fried one doing it that way. just use it as a relay. people always love watching us turn the fire on with our google assistant.

I don’t know if it works with google… but my echo plays a fireplace sound effect loop when the gas fireplace turns on.

I might be missing something and i apologize, i tried to install a z-wave GE smart switch (on/off) and it would not work. Am i understanding this correctly that i need the relay to install between the fireplace controller and the wiring for the wall switch. Once i do that would the GE smart switch work?

You usually need a “dry contact” relay like the zum-80, not a switch. If you use a GE switch you will likely fry the millivolt switch of your gas fireplace.

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@mb1cpa here is mine I just setup with a Zooz MultiRelay

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Just remember that this is illegal in many places in the United States. National code says that you should simply not be able to start a gas fireplace unless you are in line of sight, typically around 20 feet. if you can turn it on Via the Internet, you are not in compliance even if you swear you’re never going to use it when you’re not in the room. It’s like putting in a garage door without a bump stop. Technically you can, but legally it’s not allowed.

The exception is those gas fireplaces which are rated as thermostat controlled heating units and then you are allowed to make the thermostat smart.

So it’s good to check with your local jurisdiction first to see if out of sight remotes are allowed for your fireplace model. :fire:

If you have a locally running hub without internet control of that specific device, and you follow all of the other safety recommendations like an automatic shutoff, it may meet code. But again, check your local jurisdiction. So you might be able to use the same devices and do it with an isolated Hubitat or Vera, but not with any of the current SmartThings models, or any other hub which doesn’t let you limit cloud access. (In other words, control of the fireplace has to run locally and only locally.)


Thank you, what did you use for a wall switch? Does it need to be a push button on/off?

The normal wall switch that was already there