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Zooz ZEN22 2.0 z-wave plus dimmer switch- initial review

(Glen King) #101

I just installed five of these. Very impressed by them so far.


(Big Hoss) #102

I got my first one installed. I had a bad one out of the batch, Zooz and TheSmartestHouse were both fantastic and responsieve to work with troubleshooting my issue to verify it wasn’t idiot installer issues which I am open to admitting if I mess up, I mess up… But alas nope, just a funny switch. Happily and quickly sent out a replacement with a return slip for the original.

The physical installation instructions in the sheet are straightforward and simple, the install instructions given for pairing might be good, but I honestly missed them on the paperwork. I had to google it. No worries though, it was easy to find on thesmartesthouse website, and even easier to follow…

The switch itself matches my original Leviton perfectly color wise, or at least the Leviton wall plate… I see the folks with a mismatch on the GE switches. I can’t say if it is an issue with the GE switch, or the Zooz, but no issues for me so far…

I am adding these switches in lieu of smart bulbs on areas where a smart bulb doesn’t make sense. 4 bulbs or more, and not controlled by a combination fan speed / light controller. I may wait until Zooz comes out with their Zwave controllers for celling fans as I am wanting to use Zwave instead of Zigbee. No WiFi interference problems…

Once paired to Smartthings I added it to Alexa, and it works exactly as expected. Alexa turn on / off or set level of in this case the Dining room light…

All in all, a VERY good thing, and a happy buy for me.

I am giving some SERIOUS consideration toward prematurely retiring my smart bulbs as I can afford more of these and going with these switches as they are awesome!

The big takeaway is no, my experience with the product wasn’t perfect, no products are, but the customer support experience was FAR better than I could have expected. These folks really know how to do business, and are bent on making sure their customers are happy.


(Jimmy) #103

Glad you like it. And yes, @TheSmartestHouse customer service is top notch.


(Big Hoss) #104

I’ve dealt with a lot of companies that are miserably disappointing when it comes to customer service. Samsung isn’t exactly great but they’re not anywhere near as badd as others. Thesmartesthouse has been fabulous with me.



Thank you for sharing @BigHoss! We’re cheering your project :blush:



Yup, they replaced two ZEN15s that was having upgrade problems … kudos to Agnes and Karen!!