Zooz ZEN16 or ZEN17 as a Garage Door Opener

How do you get the zooz zen 17 as a garage door opener the zooz website isn’t much help I have the right driver for the device and I’m not sure what all the settings should be on to make it work as a garage door opener and how do you get the open and close icons on the dashboard I’ve been trying all day to set this up before I go freeze my ass off outside

Follow my post here: Meross as a replacement for MyQ (2023) - #50 by ThomasTrain


I have a older craftsman door opener and would rather not have to spend money on something new when I already have 2 units that are just sitting there and can be used

Read my post that I linked. In it I described exactly how I added the ZEN16 to smart things and how I configured the virtual devices to make it all work. All you need is the ZEN16 and then a garage door opener remote programmed to your door(s), you aren’t replacing your existing GDO. The zen17 and ZEN16 are very similar to configure as a relay to press the garage door opener button on the remote.

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It is in the FAQ:



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