Zooz siren as speech synthesizer

I just discovered my zooz siren is listed in the Oauth for an app I was installing as a “Speech Synthesizer”. I didn’t know SmartThings even had this capability. What smart apps can I use to play with it. For example I want to say “Garage Door Left Open”. I have a smart app which texts me but having an announcement might be interesting.

I only found “Speaker Companion” in the Things section but as usual it doesn’t really meet the need. So before I write my own smart app I thought I would see if any were already written or if there is a better way to do this.

Speaker Companion and Core/WebCoRE support speech synthesis devices, but the Zooz Siren is not a speech synthesis device and it can only play the 10 sounds that it comes with.

I’m assuming you’re using my Dome Siren DTH which is why the device shows up in the Speech Synthesis list.

Smart Home Monitor and Speaker Companion do not support custom commands so my siren DTHs usually support other audio capabilities which allow you to set the custom message field to the name of the custom command you want to execute.

Thanks, Does this imply that the Dome Siren can play sound? I thought the devices were essentially the same.

No it does not and yes those are essentially the same device.

The only reason that DTH and some of my others support the Speech Synthesis capability is to provide an easy way to execute a custom command from most SmartApps.

I see that makes some sense. Like adding switch to a Garage Door opener so it can be easily controlled by alexa etc. Got it. Thanks for the clarification.

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