ZME_WALLC-S Button Remote

I have a Z-Wave.Me WALLC-S button, that is basicly a four-button z-wave remote in a package that looks like a regular wall-switch.
It is an ideal device, since it gives you the posibility to add “switches” wherever you think it looks nice, regardless of how the wiring is done in your home. Just like we like it.
It even has interchangeable faceplates, so that it can match your design!
(And it’s about 3/4 of the price of a aeon minimote.)

But, regardles of how I try, I cant get it to connect to ST.

The description of the device is here:

Have anyone got this working, or do you have any hints on what I can do to get this one to work?
It’s not nearly as nice to have a aeon minimote taped to the wall…

@Dowser, the manual says “It is using the frequency of 868.42 MHz”. Your post didn’t indicate if you’re in the US or Europe. The frequencies are different.

Sorry, I’m a European kickstarter-backer with a EU ST-hub (and it works with other 868.42Mhz products.)
Didn’t realize that they only made an EU-version of this one.