Zigbee, ZWave repeater

I know that if you plug a zwave or zigbee device into an electric outlet it acts as a repeater. But what if the switch on the wall is off? By that I mean if you put a zigbee light bulb in the socket and flip the switch it will be on and light will be shining. But if you shut the switch on the wall will it still act as a repeater?

Zigbee light bulbs aren’t always repeaters. I believe few are. If the switch is off and it’s a light bulb, no it won’t. In fact, if you switch a bulb off, it is likely the bulb will not communicate the next time you turn the bulb on

Are wemo light bulbs zigbee repeaters?

Lightbulb repeater FAQ. But I don’t know if the WeMo bulbs repeat or not.

It depends on the type of switch. Most smart bulbs do not recommend using them with a switch that cuts all power to the bulb. This can shorten the bulb life significantly. These bulbs are intended to be kept always on power even when they are “off”.

As long as a bulb is drawing power, even if it looks like it is off, it will still act as a repeater if it is capable of doing so. If you cut the power completely, it cannot repeat.

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