Zigbee/Z-Wave Local Control

I’ve read that zigbee and z-wave devices are controlled locally which apparently means that if internet connectivity is lost any automation for these devices will still function ok. But what about manually turning on one of these devices using the app in this case. Would that be possible in any way?
Thanks in advance.

The app does not work at all without an internet connection to both the app and the hub. :confused:

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The protocols are designed to run locally, but smartthings is a multi protocol platform and is mostly cloud-based. The hub’s connection to your account is cloud-based.

So most smartthings rules do not run locally even though the devices are capable of talking to the hub locally.

And, as @oldcomputerwiz mentioned, the app won’t work locally at all, so you can’t use it to communicate with the hub unless your Internet is working. Even if your phone and your hub are on the same local Wi-Fi network. The messages have to go through your account in the cloud. :disappointed_relieved:

They didn’t have to design it that way, but they did.


If you use a hub/platform which is designed to run locally, such as hubitat or Vera, Then you could set it up so that the exact same zigbee/zwave devices did run locally with rules and control access. But so far that option is not available for SmartThings.