Zigbee tweeker

Im looking to reduce the nose over my network, i know thier is a z-wave tweeker which lets you tweek the paramters, but is there somthing for zigbee. i found this (link below) but no idea on clusters. how hard would it be to creat a DH to tweek reporing intervals / thresholds?

Actually pretty easy. It’s all done through the zigbee.configureReporting() command. If you look at almost any DTH for a zigbee device, you’ll find this in the Configure section of the code (usually at the bottom). Here’s an example:

Line 523 here:

“zigbee.configureReporting(0x0201, 0x0029, 0x19, 0, 0, null)” tells the device to send it’s operating state as soon as it changes (no min, max, or threshold change). This keeps chatter low by only sending data when something changes.

For a device that has power capabilities, you can set a mix/max, and/or a threshold of change (like 5 watts) so that it’s no too chatty.

If you can find a device’s Zigbee spec document (try the zigbee alliance’s site), or on the manufacturer’s site, you’ll be able to know the clusters and attributes a device is designed to use. Once you have that, you can change almost anything you want, or at least get more data from a device.

In saying all that, I have over a couple hundred Zigbee devices in my mesh, and all of them are constantly sending something, temperature, watts, humidity, etc. I’ve never had a problem with noise or chatter impacting performance of any device. It all comes down to effectively placing repeater devices. Are you having device performance/disconnect issues you’re trying to resolve?

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