Zigbee Outdoor Motion Sensor

Hi all, I’m after an outdoor motion sensor to operate lights on my garden path. I’m assuming it will need to be a zigbee device because my network is repeated using ST Outlets. Does anyone know of a zigbee outdoor sensor? I wonder if I’m missing something because the outdoor sensors all seem to be z-wave…
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What outdoor sensors are you finding that are all z-wave? I’m having trouble finding any at all.

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Hi Ron,
I found some on the Uk Automation site. For example…

Regards Tim

The FAQ should help:

The short answer is that there isn’t anything that just works well for everyone, and the long answer, which is in the FAQ, is that there are a number of different things that you can try. So you will want to make sure to buy from someplace with a good returns policy as local variations in weather and architecture will matter a lot.

I am also looking for a Z-Wave one around the garage. I think I could stick one on my back door between it and the storm door to keep it less in the elements than the what the ones at my garage would be exposed to.

Also, what’s the weather like where you are? There’s a big temperature difference between a Minnesota winter and one in Los Angeles. :sunglasses: :wind_face::snowflake: