Zigbee Meshing Question

At the point that a device is joined to the ZHA network, if it is a ZLL device, then it is supposed to fall back to a ZHA profile (often on a different endpoint) and then join as ZHA device.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “master” and “slave” in this context – – those are not zigbee terms.

Zigbee has coordinators ( there will be only one of these on a ZHA network, in this case the smartthings hub), routers (repeaters) and end devices.

Every end device chooses a router as its parent when it joins the network or after a zigbee heal. So we also talk about zigbee parent and child devices, but it has a completely different meaning than the way smartthings uses the terms.

If you are asking if a ZHA repeater can act as a ZLL device, again, no, not using the ZHA profile. ZHA Devices do not join ZLL networks for security reasons. But the same physical device might also have an endpoint with a ZLL profile, and then its attributes just depend on that new profile, they aren’t in any way shaped by the ZHA profile. Two separate networks.

As far as groupcasting, last time I looked smartthings did not support it For zigbee but they were working on it.

Sorry masir, yes I did mean coordinator. I’m not the network guru you are with zigbee. Can any device act as a coordinator/end device (given the other limitations?). I only ask as wink was able to (oddly) use the lutron connected remote as a scene controller and I read somewhere that they accomplish this by pretending to be a bulb. Whether this happens over zha groupcast or with some other method I have no idea, but it made me wonder as the remotes are beautiful (decora style, matches everything else) and scenes would be coooool. (Not original intent of topic but close enough of a tangent as it still applies to zigbee.)


I only ask as wink was able to (oddly) use the lutron connected remote as a scene controller and I read somewhere that they accomplish this by pretending to be a bulb.

They don’t just pretend to be a zigbee bulb. That is a custom integration worked out between Lutron and wink directly and is proprietary to them. Note that the wink hub also includes a Lutron radio, unlike the smartthings hub. Completely different platform architecture.

Right, I know about the clear connect in wink (been meaning to root my wink for that once time permits). But that operates on a different frequency, 40mhz or smth( can’t recall). I never heard of the connected bulb remote using clear connect, I do know the pico remote is clear connect and clear connect only. For sanity’s sake I quickly checked the FCC application and it didn’t mention anything outside of zigbee (and it’s frequency). So I don’t know how relevant the clear connect radio would be to the operation of the lutron (non pico) remote. Where did you learn of this custom integration, is there more information somewhere?

What’s relevant isn’t the clear connect frequency, it’s the corporate relationship between wink and Lutron which is much deeper than the one with SmartThings. That’s the point. They have done multiple proprietary partnership activities, including the one with the connected bulb remote.

The zigbee standard allows for proprietary coding in all profiles, and many companies use it. Including Lutron in this case.

So you can’t take anything that Lutron has done with Wink and assume that it will apply as a model for any other zigbee coordinator.

Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt but if the hue bulb is using ZHA with the ST hub. How come I could reset the bulb with my lutron remote? Doesn’t take much to confuse a non technical guy like me by the way.

Because it’s using ZHA with the SmartThings hub. It still responds to touchlink commissioning from ZLL devices, which is why it can be stolen or reset.

Also, the Lutron connected bulb remote is unusual in that it transmits on all of the ZHA channels, not just the ZLL ones, which is why it useful to reset bulbs that may have been moved to a ZHA channel by a SmartThings hub.

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I was wondering how a thread about zigbee meshes managed to generate 30 posts in <12 hours.

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