ZigBee HA hardware question

(Justin Eltoft) #1

I saw in another post ST is only supporting ZigBee @ 2.4ghz. So I’m trying to understand if ZigBee HA is just a profile that would work in any 2.4ghz ZigBee/xbee module or is there special hardware for the “ha” home automation version of ZigBee that ST hub uses?

(Andrew Urman) #2

ZigBee HA is a profile, but you need to be on 2.4GHz.

(Justin Eltoft) #3

Thanks Urman, I’ve been reading a lot since I first posted on here. I’ve purchased a few of the JN5168-001-M00 modules and posted over in the projects area of this community where I’m currently at with that. Hopefully I can get it talking soon.