ZigBee Devices Offline After Home Connect Pro Reboot

I rebooted our Home Connect Pro (3 hubs in the house with SmartThings turned on) and all 46 ZigBee devices are now showing as offline. Does anyone have any suggestions of things I can try?

I have had a similar thing happen twice in the past week with my v2 hub. In both cases the devices came back online in 8 to 12 hours with no action on my part.

One was caused by a 6 hr. power outage and the other was caused by a firmware update.

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I have the same issue with my connect pro. All my Samsung branded zigbee devices now show offline but my z-wave light switches from ge still work.

They had a major update on the hubs yesterday and it started then.

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Liking what I’m hearing. I was an idiot and turned that little ST switch off and steamrolled through the warning that I was about to delete everything. So I spent about 4-6 hours adding everything back, rebuilding scenes/routines, etc. Then I reboot and the ZigBees go offline. I’m ready to burn the house down on account of ST. Anyway, I’m not doing anything rash now, other than arson, because I suspect there is an update or quick fix.

Yes it’s a thing. You are not alone.

I think it’s being tracked in this thread.